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how do u get a license to sell insurance?


i live in canada we dont have states

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    This is dependant on the state you are in. In California you will need to take the required class room courses. If memory serves you will need 48 hours of class room study for your 1st license and 40 for any additional licenses. The extra 8 house is ethics so once you have done this you do not need to repeate.

    There are 2 licenses in CA. P&C (property and casualty) which is homes. auto, business etc... and there is the Life license, life insurance, health insurance etc...

    After you take the courses and pass them then you will need to schedule your state exam.

    If at all possible I would try and be in a training program for a company before doing the classes. You may be able to get the employer to pay for the courses that way.

    Good Luck.

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    You need your Producers license in the state in which you live. You have to pass an exam thats 200 questions. Try googling "(your state) Insurance Dept" and you can order home study course materials. Then you set up to take the exam (I think the exam is $95 or something). It takes a few months to really learn all the areas on the test. Investing in the Test Drill CD you can do drills on your computer really helps, keep doing the drills over and over again..... The whole thing, course materials, practice tests and the exam will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $2-300.

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    You have to take a State exam and apply for the license.

    I took a class through the local commumity college. If you take the class, and you pass their test, then you don't have to take the State exam, you can just apply for the license and they tell you how to do that on line. Good luck

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    You pass a test and pay a fee. In some states, you need to have an insurance company "sponsor" you as well.

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    pass a test

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