How do i get rid of pop-ups?!?!?

i hav windows defender, trend micro pc-cilin, adaware, spybot search and destroy, and trojan hunter.

some of those programs when I run my scan show possible threats/trojans/viruses and i remove them. however, when i use internet explorer, I still get pop ups!!!

this is very annoying and I dont know what to do. they happen on random sites. i dont want to change my internet browser from internet explorer 6, but what should i do? and i also dont want go have to clear my whole system files (i hav 3 users using this home computer, but only I get the pop ups) so help please!!!



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    It sounds like a malware infection.

    In IE go to Tools-->Internet Options. Under the General tab there should be a tab for Delete cache files or some such (sorry, I dumped M$s crappy browser for FireFox ages ago). Make sure to check the 'Delete offline content' box. Also empty the History folder, a lot of spy/ad ware hide in these folders. Next, go to Start-->Run and type %temp% and delete everything in the folder. It's just temporary files but malware uses this folder as well.

    Upgrade to IE7 or much better-Mozilla FireFox. Both have pop-up blockers. Use one at a time. 2 or more at a time can cause conflicts up to and including crashing Window$.

    Then follow the steps below, preferably from an administrator log-in:

    1st-Make sure to get all Windows updates DLed and installed.

    2nd-Go to for a free virus scan. TrendMicro now charges to clean.

    3rd-Download, install, and update Ad-Aware (free). Do a full system scan and delete the crap it finds.

    4th-Download, install, and update SpyBot Search & Destroy (free). Do a full system scan and delete the crap it finds.

    If you dont have a firewall, GET ONE. ZoneAlarm has a free version.

    PC-cillin is a good AV, but Nod32 is the best with Kaspersky 2nd. Keep your anti-virus updated, auto-update is handy for this. Scan at least weekly. You should be able to schedule a scan. try when you're asleep or at work so it won't get interrupted since AV scans can take a while.

    If this doesn't fix the problem, download HiJack This. Go to (there are others but this a good, free site) for instructions. DO NOT use HiJack This unless you are extremely knowledgeable about Windows and it's processes. You can seriously Bork your system. Let the pro's direct you.

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    U should get service pack 2 for win XP. Will add a pop up blocker manager on IE.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have 2 pop-up blockers.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yahoo even has a pop-up blocker. Use it.

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