Why do so many conservatives say liberals are against America?

I for one am sick and tired of hearing this statement. how are liberals against america? because we dont think that our nation should send soldiers to attack other countries that have not even threatened our nation? because we think that our billions and billions of dollars we are wasting on a pointless war could be better spent helping our own citizens? because we feel that every single citizen of our nation should have the same rights as any other? because we believe in the US Constitution? i just cant see how anybody can honestly say that liberals hate america. please answer if you can.


please, leogirl and anybody else, show me the facts that i need to check on Iraq, i beg you. what are you even talking about?

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    Conservatives, particularly those who favor the nonsense Bush has brought to Washington, only think their idea is American. They discount and insult any opposing view. Bush has disgraced the constitution, has destroyed the military, has made a hash out of foreign policy, has ignored any advice (note his dismissal of the ISG) and continues to deny and be prone is self delusion.

    So, if you don't support Bush and his vanity war, if you question his lies and wonder just why 3000 American troops have died in Iraq trying to prove that people who don't want democracy will accept it from Bush, you are anti American.

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    Because if we can endlessly go round and round like we have been doing we really do not have to came together to solve some real problems facing our country today. Take for example the high cost of health care and the mega profit that the health care industry takes in while the affordability of average Americans goes down.. The new robber barons means of doing business are never examined. All we do is fight endless about which group is bad for America. While this industry erodes the power of the middle class.

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    Because most people parading as liberals (and whether they are is a matter for another discussion) don't know when to keep their big mouths shut. Loud open opposition to the war undermines the cause and increases the casualties. A calm, quiet criticism is needed, not insane and destructive ranting along the lines of "Bush lied," or "war for oil," or "unwinnable quagmire." None is accurate, each is self-destructive, and rabblerousing rather than criticism is indeed p!ssing in our nation's breakfast cereal. And this doesn't even come from a conservative. I'm sure they'll have plenty more to say.

  • edubya
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    Distraction. Stupid to think that people will be accepted or rejected upon agreeing with another which makes them American. Shows the mentality or lack thereof. I think most liberals have the problem with conservatives because so much was done to "protect" "W" in his running for pres. Too much was filtered as in those allowed to even be present at Bush's public rhetoric speech's for 2000 and 2004. America doesn't accept censorship in any form, free speech has to accepted whether thumbs up or down.

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    1 decade ago

    For the exact same reason the liberal party says that the conservative party is against America. It's all about making your opponent look like garbage. In complete retrospect, neither of the political parties are actually good for this country, and here is the reason for that. All it causes is feuding in the states. I don't believe that either party hates or doesn't have America's best interest... its all just a difference of opinion.

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    i do no longer desire your paycheck, and that i could care much less approximately what consenting adults do in the back of closed mattress room doors. yet there seems to be an excellent loss of ethical decency in this us of a. that is outstanding what passes for entertainment immediately as against 25 years in the past. as quickly as upon a time sitcoms have been approximately families. Now they're approximately "pals" residing collectively, snoozing with one yet another, and each and all the pains and tribulations in between.

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    Talk about it, brother! The bottom line is conservatives are interested in preserving the status quo, liberals are open to new ideas. Neither is right or wrong, lucky for us we have the Constitution that grants us the right to believe and think any way that we want to. Unfortunately you get a few losers on both sides who name call and try to show us how right they are, but you don't have to listen to them. I, for one, am very grateful that I live in a country where I don't have to worry about being killed for my beliefs. I will always listen to anyone who presents information in a way that is backed up with legitimate facts and make my own decisions from there. Being called names does not make me think that the person has anything to say that I want to hear.

    EDIT-Kind of like that guy that posted a few posts back. : )

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    Conservatives are simple-minded and can't really form coherent thoughts. They know liberals aren't against America but they need a reason to hate them. So they call liberals commies or terrorists. Pretty soon, they believe their own lies and become like the conservatives you see on Yahoo! answers. Don't try to reason with them. This is a battle of wits and brains, you can see that the conservatives are unarmed.

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    1 decade ago

    Lots of liberals think that America is a bad country morally. I don't think they are AGAINST America, they just want to change it.

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    Ok here is the list that we need to bring out again:


    1. Tax us on everything

    2. Tax us when we die

    3. Cry that things aren't fair when they lose elections

    4. Allow illegal aliens to get citizenship to get votes (clinton/gore)

    5. Vote for war, then recant and vote against war

    6. Do not work for solutions, just argue points

    7. Are anti-business but will happily tax all businesses at a higher tax rate

    8. Support gun control when the freedom to carry guns is specifically spelled out in the constitution

    9. Support welfare systems that reward people for doing nothing

    10. Do not support our fighting men and women when they are in harm's way

    I really wish people would read about the issues.

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