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Ethiopia-Somalia War?

Does anyone know if we are going to send in troops there to help out and if we did what would happen would it cause things to get worse?

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    The war in Somalia is actually a civil war. The Ethiopians attacked War Lord Strongholds that were being used as jump off points for assassination squads that are making raids into Ethiopia to kill Christians. The Ethiopians did not attack the legitimate Somalian forces. There is a radical Muslim group lead by several powerful War Lords that is on a Holy Jihad that is sworn to kill all Christians.

    It is very unlikely with the current anti-war political environment in the United States that the USA would do anything directly. It is possible that the United Nations might take action, but that too is doubtful.

    It will definitely get much worse before it gets better. Murder, rape and genocide are in full force in this part of the word.

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    What is happening there is not a civil war. It has been going on for a very long time. Islam is like a disease in the third world country. The idea is to irradicate anything else that is not Muslim, and that has been going for over 1,000 years. Some say the recognized governement is illegal, but I can say the same thing about the Muslim council. They are self apponted from other countries, no one ever voted them in, and oddly enough a few of the same people on that council, are also on our terrorist watch list. Ethiopia has a right to be troubled by what is currently going on there. They have tried diplomacy for years and were on the right track with the recognized government, but now, things don't look so good, and they need to protect themselves. WE have allready said that we support Ethipoia, and the people of Somalia to elect their officials, instead of "hostile" takeover in a sense. There is undoubtedly been covert operations in Somalia for quite some time. It has been a bit of a haven for islamic radicals recently.

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    I would imagine that America is providing the Ethiopian Army and Air Force with assistance already. I doubt that our government will be sending any troops there directly.

    But, I'm sure the Somlian people percieve that this is an Ameican sponsored war - and, considering that our country already has a bad reputation there (from the 1991 invasion) this will not help our image there.

    The reality is, the Islamic Court government is the only legitimate entity capable of building a government over there. They have the support of the clans in the countryside, the urban population in Mogadishu and the imams in the Masjids and Madrassahs.

    On the other hand, the so called "internationaly recognized government" only even exists because it's propped up by Ethiopian Army bayonets in one small outlying Somalian town.

    The so called "government" is also composed of Christians, in a country that is almost 100% Muslim, which pretty much guarantees that nobody in Somalia who isn't on the Ethiopian Army payroll will not support them.

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    I don't believe we will be sending troops. Weapons, yes. And to correct something written above:

    The majority of Ethiopian believers are Christian, with a large Muslim minority. There are still a few small Felasha Jewish communities in Ethiopia, as well. Animists are rare in Ethiopia today.

    This is taken from:

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    i'll answer your question, just as soon as you answer mine. fair enough?

    Ethiopian PM denies U.S. involvement in Ethiopia's counterattacks in Somalia?

    is the u.s. fighting the islamists in somalia? as i finished reading this story:

    i scrolled down to see the stories yahoo had associated with this one, which is where i noticed the headline that is phrased as a question in the subject line of this question. if you look at the source, it is Xinhua. ironic, considering yahoo's relationship with china (xinhua being the official chinese news agency). so, i click on the link to check it out, but despite the fact they are both new stories, i get nothing. so, i search google with that exact phrase and get hits. thing is, none of those links lead to the story. however, i have seen the headline at xinhua's websites in several spots. the story just won't display when you click on the links. so, apparently, yahoo was able to read the story, but can any of you? best answer goes to the person who posts the complete story here. yahoo should let you, considering...

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    It would be a big mistake to send troops. We do not need to get involved in a land war in Africa. All our focus needs to be on Iraq and Afghanistan.

    To be honest, the hell with these African countries. Let Africa deal with it.

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    I can't see the US going back to Somalia.

    This is certainly a part of the War on Terror. I would expect that we'll supply them with overt and covert aid, just like we help other governments (ie, Philippines, Indonesia, etc) with their struggles against Islamic terrorists.

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    I personally don't see it happening. You want to sign up in anticipation?

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