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Why haven't the UK Government forced NATO to...?

Why haven't UK forced NATO to pay for the neccessary equipment that thier troops NEED - (not want you notice), given UK have supplied the bigger troop commitment to the NATO forces?

Indeed, why can't USA foot the bill to pay for much needed equipment and resources UK troops..(oh such as a flak jacket for each and every UK service personnel.. preferably, one that will stop a small arms fire..! ) left to clear up the mess made by USA withdrawing 77% of thier troops in Afghanistan in 2003 under the order of thier Commander-in -Chief, namely one George W Bush, current President of United States of America, who long before he made THAT order, had asked UK to contribute thier Nations' BEST asset - namely thier Military troops!

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    how would you force them?

    end of the day they are your troops not mercenaries, you dont have shame but you military does

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