How long does alkyd paint off gas?

I painted my home office walls and ceiling with Benjamin Moore latex and the 6 bookcases in it with alkyd paint about 5 weeks ago. Within 3 days of painting (as soon as the paint was dry to the touch) I re-assembled the room, putting the bookcases against the freshly painted wall and books on the bookcases.

The problem is that 5 weeks later the room is still off gassing strongly even though I'm airing it out for several hours each day with open windows and a fan blowing the air outside.

I'm thinking now that because I re-assembled the room so fast it inhibited the off gassing by blocking the surfaces and that's why the paint fumes are still so strong.

Does anyone have any ideas about how long the room will take to air out or what I could do to speed up the ventilation -- or what's happening?


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    are you sure you used interior paint? i have not had this problem with interior alkyd paint, however i remember a place a few years ago where the owner painted his fence with alkyd paint, and i could walk by it and smell it strongly for several months. on the interior paint jobs i do, i recommend to my customers that if at all possible they do not set anything on the freshly painted surfaces for 30 days to allow it to cure out a little and get some hardness to it. putting the room together too soon probably does NOT have any thing with why you still smell it. one of those ozone or whatever air purifiers that is sold in some of the higher end stores may help.

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    4 years ago

    Latex paint is water-based. The minute your are finished painting something, that is the exact time to clean your brushes and rollers in warm, soapy water. If you allow the paint to dry on those brushes and roller, paint thinner, water or gasoline will do nothing to soften that paint. If the brush is not an expensive one, then just toss it and go buy a new one. Rollers are rarely worth the cost of trying to save. There are special "brush cleaning products" that you can find in the paint section of large hardware stores that will help soften the paint on brushes but once again, it comes down to the value of the brush vs the time it takes to clean it and the price of the brush cleaning solvent. I could see you doing this if these were expensive hog's hair brushes meant for alkyd based paints but most brushes meant for latex paint are made from synthetics. Gasoline is a highly volatile product that evaporates into the air quickly. In an enclosed space, this could prove to be deadly because if enough gasoline fumes are present, it only takes a small spark to cause an explosion that will disintegrate an entire home and then burn whatever is left of it. Never, ever use gasoline as a cleaning tool. It's meant to power internal combustion engines only.

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    It should be done by guess is the paint didnt dry, perhaps because there was moisture in the stuff you painted, so there might still be a layer of wet paint trappede between the dry paint and the wood.

    If you have a furnace, turn off the humidifier, and hopefully that will help

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    I am not sure what it is called - but you can by these sponges from hardware stores that obsorbes the paint smells and does a wonderful job - try it

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