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my cat wont eat for a day now and my dad doesent want to take him to a vet! what am i gonna do?

well last mon. (dec 25) he was acting like his usual self,and he was robust,but the next day,he suddenly didnt wanna eat..he walks very slowly and meows as if in hes pain.and he constantly tries to eliminate even if nothing comes out,this is the 2nd time ive noticed him doing that the 1st one was last month..i really wanted to save him coz as per my research that syptom is indicative of a severe urinary infection or blockage and it said that it needs to be treated ASAP! my dad wont take him coz to the vet coz its expensive and he doesent like cats,only dogs so he doesent wanna waste money coz he said that it will eventually die anyway even if we take him to the vet , just like our other dogs,and he told me that, "that's life"..heck what if its still curable?this is only the 1st day..and hes only 2 yrs old..if i didnt blow all of my money i would take him to the vet should i just hope for the best or convince my dad until he gives in?? is there a public hospital for animals?

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    If your cat does have a urinary blockage, he will have to get it taken care of immediately.

    My cat had it years ago. We didn't know what was wrong with him at all. He would try to urinate in weird places, but nothing would come out. This went on for a day or so. The next morning I woke up to find him almost dead in my basement. We rushed him to the doctor who had to catheterize him. He was just about in a coma and he was going to die, but thanks to my wonderful veterinarian, he pulled him through and I was more aware of urinary blockage. He was on special food for the rest of his life. (He lived to be 17).

    You will need to do something FAST. Time is of the essence here. Believe me, you will regret not doing everything possible if you wake up tomorrow to a dead cat, which could very well happen. He is slowly poisoning himself, and he will suffer. Call your vet and tell him of the symptoms and tell them that you'll need to be put on a payment plan but that this is an emergency.

    Good luck.

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    You need to get the cat to the vet ASAP or it will die! If it is has a urinary blockage like you think, it can be fatal. Why on earth do you even have a pet if you cannot take care of it? You and your dad can be fined for animal abuse for not taking a suffering pet to the vet. If your dad is not going to pay for it, all you can do is call the humane society and have them take the cat from you and hopefully treat him and find him a home with responsible owners who actually care about him and are not going to abuse him and let him die! Wish I knew where you lived so I could report your dad myself.

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    Give him some tuna or some lunch meat, something they normally would not be able to pass up. If he wont eat that he could be sick, and then take him to the vet. It might just be something small like a little cold, but if he wont eat it could get much worse. He might just not like the type of food you have, you might just have to keep trying different cat foods until he finds one he likes. If he stops drinking water, take him to the vet SOON, no water will make little kitty very very sick!

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    If your cat has a urinary tract infection and you don't get him treatment then he WILL die. Convince your dad that he really needs to see the vet. If he absolutely wont do this then you might consider turning the animal over to your local animal shelter for treatment. You may have to sign the cat over to them for treatment, but if you can't afford to care for the animal and your father refuses to then you really must do what is best for the cat. I hope everything works out.

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    Depending on where you live, you might find a vet that would be willing to bill you for their service so you could pay it later. I would ask before taking him, however. If you are a teenager and your dad is your only transportation, this is probably not an option. Try some non-precrip hairball meds, they might help. It does sound like he has a blockage, but if its only one day he hasn't eaten so far, he might pass it himself. Good luck.

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    Does your cat play with string? If he does he sounds like he ate some string, but i am not a vet. Please make your dad give in your cat need medical. Vet do have payment plans where don't have to pay all at once maybe twice a month. I will pray for your cat.

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    A.) your dad is cruel and B.) call up any and all vets and tell them your situation... a lot of vets I know will do charity for some underprivileged people.. or ask an aunt or another family member to help you.

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    Call the vet & make the appt yourself, go & let your dad find out when he gets the bill. Do you have tinsel on your tree? Thats very dangerous because cats are attracted to it & if they swallow it they can't always pass it.

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    Call your Animal Shelter (NOT the pound) and ask them. Usually they can have one of their Vets check him out for a minimal chg. If you explain your situation, maybe they will let you pay them back little by little. Good Luck sweetie with your 'baby'.

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    call a friend that has a lot of pets or call a vet to ask what to do you don't want to waste money because what if your cat is OK?

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