How do I turn off my car alarm (details)?

We purchased an Oldsmobile Intrigue nearly 3 years ago, and we always thought it had a fake alarm system. (There's a small red LED light to the right of the steering wheel.) The other day, my husband accidentally hit this *tiny* little black button that's on the inside of the door molding, near the hood latch release with his foot and now we have an alarm that works. I never lock the car, and when I go down and grab the door handle to open it, the alarm goes off (more than the honking horn/panic button thing--this sounds like the Germans are coming, lol). Also, when I lock the door, it now makes this stupid noise like KITT from Night Rider and it chirps. My husband said he can't pull a fuse because it's an aftermarket alarm but has been hard-wired into the car somehow. How do I turn this crazy thing off? I keep forgetting to hit the unlock button and now I set the alarm off every time I get into the car. Plus, the chirping noise really bugs me when I lock or unlock it. Help?!


I should also mention that I've tried pushing this button quickly, holding it down, holding it down while turning on the left turn signal (lol) -- basically every combination of things I can think of. There is no owners manual and we purchased the car used.

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    Being an aftermarket alarm, no one can answer your question without actually looking at the car. Do you have a mechanic you trust? If so, have him take a look. Perhaps he could at least get the manufacturer of the alarm, and the model. With that you might do a web search to find the manual. Or maybe he can disconnect it for you. But be careful, some of them will disable the car so it won't start at all if you just start cutting wires without knowing exactly what you are doing.

    Good luck.

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    1 decade ago

    HELLO!Oldsmobile Intrigue

    You probabley can get an owners book. Also find out infirnmation off the internet. Check it out.

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