World of War Craft Server?

Does anyone have a recomendation for what world of warcraft server to start out on?? I played a 14 day trail on lightbringer.


Whats a good class/race to play? And what are the best skills?

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    1 decade ago
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    Where are you? the european version of the game has different servers to the american one,with the same server names. Are you an oceanic (Australian) player? You should've added those details for a better answer,but i'll do my best with what you gave me.


    First. How old should the server be?

    In any case,find a newer server. Old servers have people rolling alts,level 60s giving away gold and hanging around towns,lots of battleground twinks,etc. They're fully developed. This is a -bad- thing. This will temporarily be solved with the expansion,but meantime,you'll have more fun leveling in a newer server with people in the same situation as you are.


    Ok then,so how do you know what sort of people play on that server? Are there different players based on what server you're on?

    Yes,the people are really different because of the above mentioned server age factor,because of what the nationalitys of the players are,and even because of what the server name is. Different people picked different servers.

    So,the best way to find the server for you,is to check out the "Realm Forums" to talk to people. The people on the forums will be the more mature,higher level players only. Another way is,just -guess-,roll a test character,and level to around 30. Depending on how you went,you might want to continue,or reroll and guess again. Don't give up before 30 (or 35 hordeside) so you can try out the instances that will help you level when things start to slow down in that level range. It happens to most.


    As you can see,there's not alot to go on when you're picking a server,and have no friends that play WoW. If you like to solo,you're in luck,it doesn't matter what server you pick. Either way,nobody can tell you which one is best,it's hard to find a good server. Good luck. :)

  • Zach S
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    1 decade ago

    Gilneas is the BEST.

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