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Does Disney's California Adventure have a fireworks show on New Years Eve?

What about Universal Studios?

Which one do you suggest?

Don't say Disneyland because I just went there in the summer.



Update 2:

Yes it's right next to Disneyland.

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    California Adventures has a small firework display in paradise pier at the new year eve. The best way to see them is "California Screamin'" Last new year eve, I sat on California Screamin' and saw the fireworks. It was awesome! but the fireworks are really short. You can even watch the Disneyland fireworks from California Adventures. They are quite clear and the fireworks look like they are just happening over there. The only thing is that you can not hear music. I will give you a good suggestion- Buy a park hopper ticket, you can have fun at California Adventures and at the time of fireworks, just go and watch them at Disneyland! Buy a 1-day park hopper ticket, it is not so expensive. The single park ticket and the park-hopper are quite the same price!

    Universal Studios has no fireworks on the new year eve. They don't have anything interesting so I suggest that you go to California Adventures and take a park hopper ticket.

    Have a lot of fun and Happy New Year! ^_^

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    California Adventure has what would technically be considered fireworks. But these were low level fireworks around the Paradise Pier area. If you are in entry plaza area you can see the Disneyland Fireworks without the music. Just know that even the Midnight Fireworks at Disneyland is a smaller show than the Holiday ones they have in the earlier part of the evening.

    Unless something has changed at Universal Studios they do not have anything going on for New Years Eve.

    Disneyland would be the best but since you said you don't want that go to DCA or buy a Park Hopper ticket and go between the two.

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    California Adventure doesn't have fireworks...but there will be a fireworks display at Disneyland park at 11:59 ..the New Year's Eve Fantasy in the Sky. I don't know about Universal...but I love Disneyland and would choose them hands-down.

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    umm..isn't cali. adventure right next to disneyland? my mistake if it isn' i'm assuming you can see disneyland's fireworks from cali. adventure parks (and disneyland gives a really pretty fireworks show. i went last year on new years eve)

    good luck =)

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    they have fireworks almost everynight. so im guessing they do.

    i prefer six flags magic mountain. they are know for the best roller coaster rides. and i agree!! "X" is the best ride i've been on all up n down california

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    no but u can watch it at disneyland next door .

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    Usually they have it most of the time so I would think so. It's also the year of a billion dreams!

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    The same question pops up again

  • 3 years ago

    Have never thought about it that way

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