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Make Up Brushs/applying questions!?

Well first of all merry christmas everyone! i hope everyone had a good one. I got a makeup kit from my brother. Its pretty neat but its got alot of brushs and extra stuff and i only know a bit. When im older i plan on becomeing a beauty stylest. Soo it was a pretty great present! Anyways what my question was does anybody have maybe a site that shows and tells about all the makeup brushs and gives tips on how to use them?? I'll list the makeup brushs if you know how to use any of them or have any tips on how to use them please tell! It will be greatly apreciated! Merry Christmas everyone!

-Makeup Brushs-

Power Brush

Angle Blusher


eyeliner brush

Angle Eyeshadow

Fluff Brush

Applicator Brush

Eyebrow Brush

Fan Brush

Blusher Brush

Angle powder brush

Retractable Powder Brush


Latex Sponge

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    That website should help a little.

    Lets see what I can tell you.

    Powder Brush-

    A powder brush is to be used with a loose powder. Always always always, when you swirl your powder brush into your powder, remember to swirl it also in the palm of your hand to take the excess powder off of the brush before swirling it onto your face because then if you don't, youre going to have too much powder on your face, and remember, that powder is used to set make-up, not hide flaws, you never want to see the powder on your face.

    Angle Blusher- Well gee, that sounds pretty fancy, I'm not sure exactly what you do with that except put your blush on with it. Blush is supossed to highlight your cheekbones, never put it too close to your nose, a good tip it to never go past the middle of your eye with it towards your nose. So you can start in the middle or your cheek and work your way to your outer cheekbone. NEVER make your blush into a cute little perfect oval or any shape for that matter. You should blend your blush in well and not put too much on either. With blush, you are more or less, just highlighting your cheekbones, you don't need a lot.

    Eyebrow Comb-

    This is really cool! Use it to make sure your eyebrows are all in their correct place. Just simply comb them into place.

    Eyeliner Brush-

    This is used for liquid eyeliners and those that you add water to. Before they came out with eye pencils, they used to make a dry substance that you dipped a wet brush into like paint and you basically painted on your eyeliner. You were an artist. Make-up is a art. I havn't really seen any eyeliner like that recently, I'm sure some line makes it though.

    Angle eyeshadow-

    You can use this to apply your eyeshadow all over you lid, or just the bottom half. It is angled to help you apply your make-up because your eye is not flat, it is contoured, and this contoured brush helps you apply your eyeshadow more accurately.

    Applicator brush-

    If I'm not mistaken, this must be your foundation brush. It should be made of synthetic hair because if you use a real hair brush with a cream foundation, the bristles will soak up too much of the product.

    Fan Brush and Blusher Brush-

    There aren't really a necessity, the fan brush can be used to brush away any eyeshadow you accidently got right below your eye, and the blusher brush is almost the same as the other blush brush I told you about earlier. I don't see the point or having two different blush brushes. Blush is an accent to your face, there shouldn't be a certain way to put it on, nor a certain brush, besides a contoured brush just because of the way our faces are shaped.

    Same goes with the angle powder brush, if you're using a powder brush, it should be used with a loose powder and if you are using a compact pressed powder, then use the sponge that comes with it.

    The retractable powder brush is an on-the-go brush. It retracts to a smaller size so you can keep it in your purse to touch up your oily spots throughout the day.

    Use the duster with a bronzer if you are going to use it. The duster should be used to basically hide certain areas of your face, or to create a shadow. We highlight under our eyebrows because we want to draw attention to our eyes. Well the same goes with contouring. We dust a darker color where we want to defer the attention from. For instance, if I had a big forehead, I would dust a darker brown at the temples of my forehead to make it appear smaller. And if I had a very broad jawline and wanted it to appear softer, I'd dust some darker color onto the sides of my jaw.

    Latex Sponge-

    This can also be used to apply foundations, or really anything that is creamy or wet. If you are using a cream blush, you may also use this sponge to apply that.

    The rules to make-up are, there really are no rules. Have fun, and just please remember to blend, blend, blend! A balanced face is a beautiful work of art. And don't do up your whole face at once because then you look like a clown. Its either the eyes or the lips. If you are going for a dramatic eye look with big beautiful lashes, then use a more neutral lipstick. If you are going to play down your eyes, then play up your lips with some color and gloss!

  • 1 decade ago,,and then go to your search bar and type in " how to use makeup brushes on skin" and it shouyld send you to some sites!! Hope this helps!!

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