How do I report illegal immigrants working at my company in Indiana without being identified?

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    Go to Internal Revenue Service at, download form 3949A, fill it out make a copy for yourself and send it certified mail. You may recieve a 10% reward for what they find wrong. For Each illegal the employer hires it is a $1,000.00 fine. Make Your New Year Bright! Also contact Federal Trade Commission, The United Satates Postal Service and report fraud and mail fraud... and report identity theft at ching!

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    First of all... you will NOT get any money for reporting an illegal alien. Second, you cannot be anonymous... this is not the crime hotline where you report criminals. And no, I don't think illegal aliens are criminals. I prefer an illegal mexican lady to be my nanny and not a rapist pedophile who killed 3 kids... so there IS a difference you know?

    Third, reporting your illegal coworkers will affect not only them, but also your company, its owners, probably your boss and ultimately the hand that is feeding you and putting food on your table.

    Last, think about it... if your issue is the fact that they are illegal and working at the same level as you are and you have all that BS in your head where you think you're being robbed or not promoted because a foreign national was smarter than you and went to college and speak more than one language, then by all means report them!... but start by talking to your boss, your HR department, and if nobody hears you... then call immigration and be ready to change jobs.

    Now, if your problem with them is for whatever other reason that has NOTHING to do with their immigration status, then be a man and solve it by talking directly to them using your brains and your manners... if any is available.

    Either way, good luck!

    By the way... the IRS form is for fraud filing taxes... which doesn't mean they committed fraud by hiring illegals if they had faked social security numbers from their employees, so forget about that 10% which has nothing to do with illegals. The $1,000 fine is charged to the company as a penalty and not given to you. Whatever way you try to find to make money out of this will not work... otherwise somebody else would be cashing from 12 million people in this country.

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    In Indiana there is an anonymous police tip line, atleast in the Indianapolis area. I would call this, but only if you are 100% sure that they are illegaly here. Hopefully this isn't just because you want to get back at them for some reason or another. This stuff is taken very seriously. I would even possibly talk to your boss about it. Maybe the company didn't know they were illegal?

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    dear CITIZEN, you have a lot of people answering your question that are for illegals! They are either saving money by employing them or have the same blood or they are ignorant to how all these illegals effect the lives of people around them. As for reporting them I agree with the person who says ICE really do'nt give a crapola!!!!! I too work with illegals, I get sexually harassed on a daily basis and have reported this to my employer. Telling the illegals they can go to jail over this is like telling them they are here illegal, they do'nt give a crap. They are free to do everything and anything they want in this country, i've worked close with these people for 14 years now and it is only getting worse. We are at the mercy of them and our government, who care only for the people who fund their political interests. In Georgia we have a half a million illegals, although Ga. is cracking down on them via welfare and food stamps, this is for the gov. not the people, all the police would have to do is put up road random road blocks on a daily basis and arrest them for no drivers licences, but no that is to much trouble, there are several different ways to capture and deport these illegals back to their homeland, but the state and fed. gov. just do not want to do this. Sorry I do'nt have a answer for you, I do'nt have one for my self either. No hope in Georgia!!!!!

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    If you are not identified then immigration would have no right to investigate the report. They could arrest anyone and just say it was an anonymous call.

  • Call the Migra but theyll be 100 to replace them by the time they get back!

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    Sassy has the proper advice to follow if you are serious about making a difference.

  • Bill P
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    Call your local office of the Immigation & Naturalization Service ("INS").

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    I doubt ICE really cares anymore.

  • 1 decade ago

    u r doing the right u will get 500 dollars a person u turn in... happy new year !!!

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