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what does pce mean?

for IM

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    Acronyms from A - Z

    • PCE

    [1] Plug Compatible Ethernet

    [2] PROLOG Computing Environment

    [3] Punched Card Equipment

    [4] Painter Creek, AK, USA -internationale Fughafen-Kennung

    Computer Abbreviations v1.5

    • .PCE

    Eudora Mailbox Name Map

    Print Shop Envelope

    Borland Package Collection Editor File

    Source(s): Acronyms from A - Z & Computer Abbreviations v1.5
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    In economics, it means Personal Consumption Expenditures.

    PCE refers to all the goods and services (rent, food, clothing, football games, etc.) that consumers purchase during a given period of time.

    Measuring PCE helps the government monitor progress in the national economy.

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