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What could a pain be in it feels like it is in my right side, below my ribs. I can still breath fine.?

It reminds me of a pain you get when you run but I always got that one my right side and I was not running and I have had this about 12 hours including overnight. I think maybe apendix, or liver, Well I have no idea. It hurts pretty bad sometimes but then goes away. Thanks for any help

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    I would say one of three things, but check with a proffesional Dr or RNA first.

    It could be gas, your appendix, your liver or even a kidney or maybe a bruised floating rib? Withought proper xrays and tests they will not know for sure. you dont want to wait around too long if it were appendix, kidney or your liver. If it is gas it will pass or they can give you something to assist you. If its your rib, all they can really do is tape em up and treat you for the pain for a few days.

    Again, dont rely on our answers, GO TO A DOCTOR and get checked out.

    Source(s): Former US National Karte Fighter.
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    Could be as simple as gas... try relaxing a little more. If the pain gets worse, consult a doctor - Emergency Room if it is soooo unbearable, you're vomiting, dizzy and feverish.

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    Sounds like liver or gall bladder (I've had problems with both, but quick attention has them both working fine now).

    Don't wait for someone here to try and diagnose something like this - it may turn out to be serious. Go see your doctor.

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    maybe a strained muscle....liver would turn you yellow and appendix would make you feel sick like the flu but a million times worse and it would go away. it could be gas or just someting you ate as well. feel better and happy holidays!

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    your appendix is on your right side... my boyfriend just went to the emergency room and his is a broken rib...

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    gas or growing pains

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