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HELP! Where do folders go when theyre deleted?

i deleted the share folder on limewire and now every thingi ever downloaded is gone! where can i get those files back!

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    See first if the folder is there in Recycle Bin. If its there well and good. Just restore it from there. If its not there then you have to use some software which retrieves deleted data like Magic Recovery.

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    from the recycle bin


    if the folder is not there try some file recovery software

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    1 decade ago

    may be on recycle ben other wise you may be delete the down load fille recently.

    ferst try to look in the ben if you do not find it

    try on add or remove programs then try to see you remove fills

    in the last 1or2weaks try it in this way may be it will work.

  • 1 decade ago

    Check your Recycle Bin....everything you delete is in there.

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