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Are there any private hot spring baths in Tokyo?

By Mt.Fuji?

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    Sure. Go to Hakone. About $300-700 a person, a night.

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    If you are looking for onsen in Tokyo, look no further.

    There's an onsen at Odaiba.

    The place is called Oedo Onsen Monogatari.

    It's easier to reach as it's located in Tokyo itself.

    You don't have to travel to Hakone or Mt.Fuji at all.

    It's also very near the Fuji TV Station.

    I've been there myself, and the place is gorgeous. There are also lots of baths to choose from.

    I also stayed overnight at the onsen, and the room is very luxurious.

    Hope you'll like my recommendation.

    Below are 2 websites:

    One is in Japanese and the second one is in English.

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    I can't not think of any private hot springs in Tokyo. Closest places I can think of is staying a ryokan (Japanese Inns) that usually have foreign guests. They normally allow private use of their hot spring baths.The Turtle Inn in Nikko about 1hr 45 mins from Tokyo station) is about ¥9,000($76USD) for 2 people.

    Another as mentioned is in the Hakone area. The Fuji-Hakone Guest House is in the Hakone area and is about ¥10,000($84USD) a night for 2 people. They have 2 hot spring indoors and another outdoors. Both which you can bathe privately.

    If you would like to search for more check this website out. It lists places that are used to having foreign visitors and normally have an English speaker.

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