Do this logic make sense to you?

Ithe bible is the word of god.

How do you know?

the bible says so.

How do you know the bible is right?

Easy, It is the word of god.


It's called circular logic.

education-the number one killer of religion.

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    Religion is illogical. Here's Hume's proof of the christian god's nonexistence:

    Christianity stipulates that god is all loving, all powerful and all knowing.

    God knows that suffering happens

    He has the power to stop it

    And he loves, so he wants to stop it

    Only two can be true at the same time.

    And before someone starts s**tting on me for this, think about 'all powerful' for a minute, and remind yourself that that goes beyond logic.


    Lost + found: You can't take a faith position in an argument, and here's why.

    Christianity is split by many issues. Let's take about gay marriage. Some christians 'know' that god says it's wrong and some 'know' to love thy neighbour first.

    Now which side do you take? God is intended to be objective, so your subjective representation of his will can't be what he intended.

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    There are many examples from life that you could draw upon to demonstrate circular reasoning. If it is your aim to discredit the Bible then there are many ways of doing this but you must apply the same critique to other literature as well. Under the historical and textual analysis for determining the authenticity of ancient manuscripts the Bible has more evidence supportive of its claim than any other piece of historical writings. If you find the Bible as noncredible then you must assume the same about the Declaration of Independence, all the writings of Shakespeare, Longfellow, Thoreau, Epimedes, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Finney, All the Gnostic Gospels, The Gettysburg Address

    However if you begin to look at the evidence which would authenticate any of the above writings you will find that there is more evidence for the bible than any of the others. Your elementary discovery of the phenomenon of circular reasoning does nothing to discredit the bible when measured against the mountain of additional evidence. All it does is show that you have advanced into the introduction of the study of methodology of critical thinking in the same way that my five year old has discovered the world of crayons, which does not make him an artist on the same level as Picasso no matter how much he insists that it is so by drawing all over his bedroom wall.

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    You are right. That is circular reasoning. And it makes no sense.

    I believe that the Bible is the word of God. Why? Because a careful study of its contents has led me to the conclusion that it must of necessity be from a divine source. That is a profound statement, of course. But to explain in exhaustive detail my reasons for believing such cannot be done in such a forum as this.

    You may be right when you say that education is the number one killer of religion. But keeping in mind that religion is, fundamentally, a form of worship, including a system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices which may be personal or be supported by an organization, usually involving belief in God or in many gods and may be true or false, you could rightly say that education is the number one killer of false religion. Religion, however, is not synonymous with God. Education does not destroy God or true worship. Education destroys ignorance. But it is neither fair nor accurate to suggest that ignorance and worship are coterminous.


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    You may not believe this but education, from the schools you go to including college are christian based, so I would say education is not always a good thing to have.

    The bible is a book of claims made into law, by the educated, so how educated is the world, another example of bad education, just look at how the world is run, with stupid educated people, and they wounder why we need the Mexicans

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    1 decade ago

    Well, logic is the number one killer of religion.

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    People get on this site and ask philosophical questions, claim some kind of knowledge and pontificate, having faith in their "knowledge," challenging the religious to prove them wrong. While the faithful know in their hearts the truth of their claims, and have no need to prove anyone wrong, those questioning them rely on the same kind of "faith," sure that they won't be proved wrong because of logic, while we that are believers in a higher truth know the truth by spiritual means that non-believers neither know nor understand.

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    The Bible is the Word of God and it makes plenty of sense to me.

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    Man's education is a killer to true religion, that is why Aposlte Paul had to forget all his learning & went out in the desert for God to speak to him, & to take that man made education from him & put in a True revelation.

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    Yes, you are right but this question has been asked many times before so don't expect any serious revelations from the christians

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    How do you know the sky is blue?

    My eyes tell me so.

    How do you know your eyes are right?

    Because the sky looks blue.

    Education does not kill religion. In many cases, education cements your faith, as it did mine. Think of the complexities of the cell, even the Kreb cycle!

    What a great God.

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