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Hedoism vs. real love asked by the confused?

There is two strong tendances in me. I am not a hypocrite .

So I will ask my confusion straightforward.

I saw a pornographic film , featuting real peoples not actors.

One girl said in this film( it was not acting) " I think sex has not anything with love. I can get pleasure without such a feeling." I was a little bit shocked.

Even though I also have had sex a few times with girls who I did not love , when this girl said that kind of words openly,

It really hit the my hidden confusion. A few months ago I had sex with a married woman, she got the strong orgasm.We did not love each other when we had

It may be true sex has nothing with love.But irononically enough ,I was and still am a strong believer love truly matters when it comes to sex.But actually it does not ,it sounds funny even to me sex with love is more desirable or something. I am cofused ,disoriented? I

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Good questions. Both are true. Life is not black and white, life is color with an endless variety of colors, hues, and shades. Some colors work perfectly together, other colors just look good next to each other. Sometimes I tell my wife I want to love her when I want to have sex with her. My sex is an expression of my love. She gives me a dirty look but then she thinks, hey he loves me and wants to screw me, what can be more appropriate? I met a girl the other day and we hugged for the holidays and she kinda flirted with me and I got an erection. Now I want to screw her but i don't love her and she doesn't love me. Good luck with your philosophy and personal values. be safe!

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are talking the difference between sex, and making love!

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    1 decade ago

    sex and love are related but you can enjoy sex without love

    having sex with someone you love makes it so much better and because you stay with that one person the sex keeps getting better and better

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