what would you like or dislike most about living in an amish family?

what do you think about their life? what is easy? what is more difficult to practise? do you know more about rumspringe?

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  • jujube
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    1 decade ago
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    I think life would be simpler! It would be hard work living on a farm and baking and canning and cleaning and sewing constantly but it would keep one doing productive things instead of sitting around on one's bottom all day long and doing nothing! It would probably be hard to adhere to the strict rules of the ordnung.

    Rumspringe is a time when an amish teenager is free to explore the outside world, to court, and to basically get out all their curiosities before they decide whether to join the church or, in strict orders, be shunned. The older generation does not get involved with what goes on with most kids during their running around years but with a growing trend of problems I believe they may no longer be turning their backs to everything that goes on during a child's rumspringe.

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    This is a somewhat silly thing to ask, being as there are no devout Amish around to comment about life with the Amish, because the Amish do not have computers.

    I speculate that in an Amish family, no one worries much about who controls the remote, or has problems when it gets lost.

    No one worries about ringtones, cellphone batteries or dropped calls.

    The Amish do not have to worry about cellphone contracts.

    If you are Amish, it would be easy to be a Goth.

    The food is tasty, but takes longer to prepare, and there are no dishwashers.

    Do I know more about rumspringe than whom? Than you?

    You have not revealed that you know anything about it.

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    No disrespect to the amish, but I would not want to go there. I lived a very simular life as a youth and with all of our modern conviences, I would not want to do it. BUT I do think a lot of youth of today would learn a lot. I also know, it did not hurt me at all to live like that, in fact, it taught me a lot. I just would not want to do it Merry Christmas.

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    I think it would be neat to visit an amish family as I love to make things from scratch and I would love to learn more about their culture. However, I am not too sure that I would last long without my computer.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'd hate not having a computer or a car...love their morals and values though.

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