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I'm 24 and still virgin but really like to have sex but the problem is that i want to be 1 person all of my

life having sex with him,now i hava a boyfreind that i'm really in love with him and i think he does,what can i do in this situaton?

with my special kind of thinking about sex....

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    Quite honestly, I think you are making a mistake. In fact several mistakes.

    The first mistake is this romantic ideal of only ever having one sex partner. It's not that great an idea. Sex like everything else requires practice to become good at it. So if you wait for that perfect scenario you are likely to be disappointed and so is your partner. The advantage of having sex before that perfect relationship is that when Mr. Perfect comes along you will be more experienced in matters of sex. You will also be more sexually mature and be able to tell more easily if you are sexually compatible with that perfect guy. Without the experience it may be a while before you realize you are incompatible with him, and at that point you may already be married, wishing you were divorced.

    Now if you have open lines of communication with your boyfriend and have explained your 'special kind of thinking about sex' he may get entirely the wrong idea if you decide to have sex with him. In fact it may even scare him that you are looking to mate with him for life.

    Here's the reality, for most women sex for the first time is not a magical experience. It is often quite a disappointment, and sometimes not even that pleasurable. So what ever you do, don't build losing your virginity up into something spectacular, because it probably won't be. It's just a part of growing up.

    If you love this guy, have sex with him. Take appropriate precautions to prevent pregnancy or STDs. Be aware that this does not commit you to a life long relationship with this man. You may one day wish to marry someone else.

    If you go through life waiting for the perfect time to have sex, you may never have sex, and never meet Mr. Perfect.

    Cast off the bondage of religion, fake moral values, and other social confinements, and just enjoy yourself. Don't waste away your youth making such a big deal out of everything.

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    Have sex if you really love him, you might just find it very nice,a lot of pleasure and probably get more confidence in your bf especially if he's beeing tender to you and treats you like a queen during the act and after. If he is devoted to you and you really feel this guy is the one for you. Don't lose this chance cause you might than find another one and share this feelings with him and be his and get only a great dissappointning..good luck and think what's the best for you!

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    Tough one. No one ever knows if the current one they are with will last forever. Even marriage doesn't guarantee that he will always be the one. So, if you want to keep your values, you should wait until you get married, then do everything in your power to keep that marriage vital and strong. Sadly, there is just no way to know for sure.

    I guess what I am saying is if you strongly believe this, then you should wait until marriage, however unrealistic and hard that may seem, and if this guy loves you also, he will wait.

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    WOW!!! You haven't ever had sex before. I can't answer for everyone but you are deprived. DO IT!!!!!!! You will like it. I don't want to insult your morals or anything. It is respectable. For about a split second, it crossed my mind that I wish that I were a virgin again so I could do the same thing. Then I saw a hot chick and disagreed with myself. Have fun and don't be a dead fish.

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    i will quite sympathize!! first of all, enable me commend you for being prepared to adhere it out along with her. I agree that intercourse is a mandatory area of a courting. despite the fact that, i think of that in case you have deep thoughts for somebody, the intercourse is basically no longer undesirable...Y'all are nonetheless having some intimate time, it quite is basically as important because of the fact the act itself. I wish you the terrific of positive fortune!!

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    if you really want to go thru life with only one partner, then you better really make sure he is the right guy. make sure he is the guy you will hope to spend your entire life with.. as tough as it is, hold out and don't have sex until you get married. there's still no guarantee that your marriage will last forever, but it will certainly increase the chances...

    Source(s): 32 yr old virgin who is still waiting to meet the right one..
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    You're going to scare away men like that. You saying that you only want to have sex with one man is telling a man that sex with you is a life long binding contract. Most men don't start a relationship expecting to end it in marriage.

    Source(s): EDIT: Sorry about the logical fallacy. I guess relationships don't *end* in marriage. You know what I meant, though. :p
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    If your committed to being with only one person than waiting until your sure is the right thing to do.

    Dont let the hormones do the thinking for you.

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    hey sex is great provided its d right time and theres really nothin in being a 24 yr old virgin....but always make sure u r fcuking d right guy...

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    In my own opinion, as long as you give it to someone you love.. it's always worth it!

    Your future husband might not be the one you love the most in your life.

    He might hurt you too.

    or you and him might not grow old together.

    Anything could happen and we wouldn't know.

    Just Cherish each single beautiful moment in your life right now.

    ~Good luck~

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