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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureHolidaysChristmas · 1 decade ago

Do you celebrate Christmas?

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    no. this is because there is no scriptual evidence that points to Jesus Christ being Born on the 25th of december. In addition to that back then and possibly now in bethlehem in the jewish month that correspond with december was very rainy and shepherds did not let out their sheep, the bible account in the gospels tells us that the shepherds were OUT IN THE FEILDS AT NIGHT! so based on what the bible says it could not have been in december that Jesus was born. the bible also tells us that jesus died on Nissan 14(jewish month corresponding with March/April) at 33 and a half yrs old so the next six months from Nissan would be Jesus' biirthday so count six months form March/April(Nissan) that brings us to September/October NOT December.

    Source(s): watchtower and awake! magazines bible(any translation)
  • dragon
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    Yes! But in a small way. I live alone so don't put up all the trimmings. I am not a wealthy person and therefore my way of celebrating is to seek out others that are having a hard time of it and do what I can to help them, if nothing more then giving them a Christmas hug.

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    NO I do not ... I personally do not believe that Dec..25th was the day JESUS was born..The Christmas tree has nothing to do with JESUS and neither do lights and such...Its all pagan...Dec 25th was incorporated as the officially Christmas day by the Roman Catholic Church...

    I celebrate JESUS'S birth everyday and Thank our Father for the Blessings from above that he sent us Through JESUS...

    We do exchange presents and listen to Christian based Christmas songs but outside of that, I really do not celebrate it in the secular/social sense..

    JESUS'S birth should be celebrated everyday because without him, we would all still be living with a gap between GOD and us...

    Nothing we give can match that...Nothing we do or say to JESUS can match what GOD did for us..

    I have no gift to give JESUS that would be better than what he did for us..

    So in a secular sense , no I do not celebrate Christmas...

    In a spirtual sense .. Yes I do but I celebrate JESUS birth everyday...

    Blessings to you and yours....

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    Yes. We love to celebrate it here in the Philippines. Christmas here starts on October 1 and ends in January 8. Weird right? but we love the season. It is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ -my Savior and healer... and if i need to celebrate it a little longer i dont mind. :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not really because it’s a Roman Pagan Holiday dedicated to the Roman Pagan god Saturn not the true birth of Yeshua “Kristoi” (the Anointed One). The Christmas Tree come from German Nordic Pagans as well. The real birth of Christ may have been April 6BC. There was a major astronomical event during that time when Jupiter was eclipsed by the moon. This was when the Three Persian Magis from the Parthian Empire set out to find the Jewish Messiah who were also in their prophecies. The real Yeshua “Kristoi” (the Anointed One) aka Jesus Christ was probably a Jewish freedom fighter that wanted the Roman, Syrian, and Egyptian Legions stationed in Judea to be kicked out of there. Many other Jews felt the same way. He wasn’t trying to start a new religion. That was the later Jewish Roman citizen follower Saul aka St. Paul that allowed gentiles into early Christianity. The first century (1 Anno Domini) was a really tumultuous moment in that century for the Jewish people and what will happened to their fate (the Jewish Revolt and the Jewish Diaspora). There was a bunch of other people in the Canaan claiming to be Messiah and there were people in Greece and the Levantine/Canaan region that perform “miracles” that would be considered magic tricks to us in our time. Pontius Pilate when he became governor of Judea, gave a standing order to his legions, if the Jews raised their heads in protest during Passover to Roman occupation, crucify them. He probably never met Jesus when he was making claims about being the Messiah. That crucifixion killed off one possilble Jewish Rebel leader. The Pharisees didn’t prosecute/persecute Jesus because they were celebrating a religious holiday (Passover). They weren’t allowed to perform any religious work on religious holidays. Jews weren’t persecuted because they “killed” Jesus. They were persecuted because they didn’t want to convert when the Emperor Constantine adopted Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire.

    The Shocking Pagan Origin of CHRISTMAS!

    When the Three Persian Magis from the Parthian Empire set to find the baby Messiah in Canaan

    What Jesus and the Ancient Jews looked like

    Source(s): I was educated by the Chicago Catholic Archdiocese school for 13 years.
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    I celebrate friends and family on this day. I'm an athiest in a catholic family so I do buy gifts for my friends and family but I don't do anything about the religious aspect of the holiday.

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    Yes I do.Alot of people don't even know that it is Christ's birthday. It is just my son and I.So we spend the day together,We started something new this year since he is 18 and working and going to college. Money is tight so we give each other one gift.Then tues when everthing is on sale we go nutts shopping.Merry Xmas

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