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I want to know about the universities & duration of automobile designing.?

I am a final year student of auto engg. & want to do designing from USA or CANADA.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I am a Mechanical Engineer and worked for a major automotive company for 10 years in Detroit before moving and working in aerospace.

    You have to start at the bottom in any job.

    Only engineers who have proven themselves make it to the "locked" doors of actual vehicle design.

    You must learn exactly what it takes to design a vehicle from beginning to end.

    It's an enlightening process, how all the departments work together to produce a vehicle.

    Once you obtain your degree in engineering, hit the pavement and apply for jobs at automotive headquarters and engineering sub-contract shops affiliated with them.

    It is not an overnight process making it to the top, but it doesn't take that long either if you're smart, a hardworker and have people skills.

    My favorite department when I was a designer for automotive was exhaust systems.

    I worked body for a couple years, but did interior designs, and that was interesting, too.

    I also suggest that you learn every CAD system that you can and then keep up, as computer systems are always improving and companies always updating their systems.

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