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are there differences in bringing up boys or girls?

are boys or girls taught differently? why? are they different from each other even when they are small? do we make them different by teaching them differently?

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    I think that each gender comes with it's own set of challenges. I have one grown son so I can only speak to this from that perspective. He was(and still is) a very easy going guy. He has ADHD and so it was a little rough keeping him on track in school and such as that. I taught him the values that I thought he needed, be polite, respect authority figures, don't break the law, treat women with respect, never hit a woman(he's so big that even if one hit him he could restrain her without hitting her).He had to work after school. he had an allowance that he worked for until he could make his own money. I don't know that we make them different by teaching them differently because everything I taught him I would have taught a daughter also.

    The only thing that he has changed from my teaching is his religious affiliation from United Methodist to Southern Baptist. That's fine with me too.

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  • This depends on what country one lives in, the culture, religion and society within that region. But to answer your questions, in my opinion.... yes, society, somewhat and yes. Boys and girls ARE different.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes.. Boys are a lot easier to take care off.. When girl hit their teenager age, parent are scared if they getting pregnant. But they are not worried about their son getting someone daughter pregnant..

    and girls are very fragile..

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