Locked Out of My PC?

I was trying to set up a TCP/IP network, but i set something else up,

So that it boots to try and conect to a network, so it wont let me logon.

Does anyone know how to solve this, im desperate!!

Cheers Guys

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Try putting your windows installation cd in the drive then


    then as the memory check runs thru your bios press F8

    it should give you an option to boot from the cd rom

    answer yes boot from cd rom

    Then it will install a few programs and check your hard drive, eventually asking you if you want to install windows, or repair windows, you want to REPAIR windows, so choose that option.

    Then you are back in like flynn.

    Not a big problem.

    However you might have to go through a screen where it says install windows before you get to the screen offering option to repair it. Just keep going until you get the repair screen.

    Even if you never find the repair screen at least by reinstalling windows you get your machine back either way, but that is the long way around.

    And also the dangerous way, because if you lose any of your drivers for whatever accessories you might have installed that are not plug and play, then you just boutght yourself one big headache unless yopu have them stored somewhere where you know where to find them.

  • 1 decade ago

    reboot the system and go into the BIOS setup.check to see the order of the Boot Devices. normally it should be floppy, hard drive 1 , CD-ROM and the last one is disabled.

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