War- too wimpy?

Romans, vikings and the huns all used tactics that were meant to intimidate, scare and terrorize the enemy during wartime, that is why they were successful for so long. Why is the US military restraining itself against their enemies while they are using those tactics (cutting off heads) against us.

We need to be ruthless, we need to let them know that if they are captured alive they will wish they were dead. Their remains will be covered in the blood of swine, their homes and family will all be destroyed. We need to create such fear in them that they will never dare to harm us. we must threaten their very way of lives and beliefs.

I understand the military is held back from doing this because of PR but we need to get rid of the PR and get Keyser Soze to run the show. We need to make them too scared to fight and shake at the very sight of US soldiers. That is the best way too win.


Look at what Sherman did to the South. That is what we must do. We should scorch and burn all enemy lands we come in contact with. We must scare them so much they will have nightmares of us knocking on their door in the middle of the night.

Update 2:

I agree with the last poster. If we are attack we should overwhelm them and use whatever means we have to destroy them utterly. If other countries complain, don't say anything, just write their names on the "watch" list. Let them know they are on notice too.

Update 3:

We shouldn't use nuclear weapons, especially not with our troops there. Rather we would spread a campaign of fear. I would rather die from a nuclear explosion than being tortured, beaten to death or burned alive.

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    1 decade ago
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    Great argument. Great question.

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    In your example you talk about the way war was conducted in the past. Today we are more civilized. I agree that PR should not be a factor in military tactics. However, if we bring religion into the war then we are going to make it a worse. How many people around the world would find what you suggest offensive and incite them to fight against us?

    The U.S. has survived this long because we are open to religion and do not persecute people based on their religion.

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    1 decade ago

    An effective and simple approach to politics and terrorism is to never attack anybody without provocation. However, when attacked, respond overwhelming. A few places get completely obliterated as a result of the US being attacked and few people will dare attack us again.

    I very rarely fight as I do not wish to harm anybody. However, when somebody attacks me I respond by using any and all means at my disposal to assure it won't happen again. There is nothing known as a fair fight and I do not believe in even trying to demonstrate that I am going to fight fair. We get attacked, we strike back fast and very hard. No politics, no asking permission and no seeking silly and pointless sanctions. Simply retaliate with overwhelming force every time.

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    Contaminating our Troops and all of the civilians in Iraq with radiological contamination from the use of Depleted Uranium Weapons isn't mean enough for you?

    Knowingly using these weapons, in spite of the fact, they cause the children born to your military long after they have left the battle to be born with pronounced birth defects too nice?

    Detonating tons of these weapons knowing that some of that dust would eventually reach the US and wreak havoc upon the people in our country Wimpy?

    Killing you and you family here with weapons used over there - the new circular nuclear attack. I know of nothing more ruthless.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yeah i totally agreed with you. War should be fought like that, yeah yeah.

    Could not wait the day when the islamic terrorist or some other forces like china conquer america. Then we have blood party of american civilian. Yeah let genocide america, hitler is right war should be fought like that. Let round em american real good and gas em. Yeah let follow rome example they are succesful right, right till atilla the hun come knocking. Well they have a good run, but what they say about empire is they have to come crumbling down.

    Think about that mr american, just because you strong now. It wont be forever. Everything comes down eventually, honestly i would really be thankfull to god if america go down and someone slaughter all your family. Prove your point of war should be fought without moral and qualms.

    Honestly if you act like animal, there no reason for other people to treat like human. Grow some brain please!

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    1 decade ago

    The USA is a nation of cowards...that usually bomb from 30,000 ft without getting their hands dirty. Our forces do not cut off heads they blow them off..of Children , Women , Frend or FOE.

    Americans are not honest enough to admit the MILLIONS they have killed in strategic, nuclear, incendeary & chemical bombings. We are talking MILLIONS of dead...Mr Rambo

    Our christian has bombed, flattened and burned entire cities yet cry about 9/11/01. 9/11/01 was EXACTLY what our nation DESERVED...too bad innocent people had to die...but imperial americans are no more innocent than the MILLIONS we KILL.

    We will win NOTHING in the Mideast but more hatred..hopefully our oil will be cut off and FAT LAZY Americans will have to walk .

    The USA is an arrogant nation of bombers that will lose in IRAQ the sooner the better. Newsflash...We are also a "has been nation" over 8 trillion dollars in debt and addicted to oil

    Your VP Dick Cheney just left Saudi Arabi after groveling at the feet of those oil monarchs...that shows you how powerful americans are. OUR " democratic leaders" are GROVELING to a MONARCHY...LOL

    Americans should lick the feet of all oil exporting nations and be begging for more oil to expand their glutton lifestyles

    We have no greater enemy than ourselves.....Our government started this war on a lie and will end it on a lie.

    Americans will crawl away from IRAQ ....DEFEATED and demoralised as they should be. Americans wanted war, and war they shall have.

    The IRAQ WAR is not a football game even though it has it's cheerleaders.....it is a grab for oil reserves. There will be no winner...just LOSERS

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    1 decade ago

    Glad to see that some people get it! I believe the biggest problem is allowing politicians having a say in how the professional military is allowed to conduct and prosecute this war. Enough talk of giving them POW status, we have no treaties with our enemies. It is time for the hand wringing to end and let the professionals do the jobs they are trained and paid to do. If the politicians don't like it, let them resign!

  • 1 decade ago

    Our real enemies are 'political correctness' and ACLFU - commies who pretend to be for our rights but as we can see, their 'goody two-shoes' front has killed alot of our guys. Like someone said, they DO something about their objectives and we are letting them. Can you believe those 2 border patrol guards who got years in jail, basically for interfering with dope running. We should be protesting everyday on behalf of these honestly good guys who got the shaft FROM OUR OWN JUSTICE DEPT!!! If anyone knows who's the real source behind this travesty pls let it be known. I feel guilty not doing anything on behalf of these guys let alone our precious troops who were thrown to the wolves over there ill-equipped/manned/familiarized. No wonder our country is taking a dive in ratings these questionable govt proceedings suck out loud.

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    1 decade ago

    Keyser Soze is Mein Fuhrer.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Democrats will hate your idea, but Real Americans will like it.

    The News Media & the Democrats force us to fight like gentlemen & ladies.

    It's a shame.

    Good Question.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Just Waite till there is one more effective attack on US soil and you will get to see ruthless.

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