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How do i redeem my music from an itunes music card?

I got an itunes music card for christmas and when i click redeem on the itunes music store, the code doesnt work and i've tried typing it in about 3 times already.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There's a whole page dedicated on the Apple website to this problem: .

    One thing that jumped out at me was the following:

    " When iTunes says that a code is "invalid" it usually means that one or more of the characters that you've entered into the redemption field are incorrect. If your code is not accepted at the iTunes Store, make sure that you've entered the code exactly as it appears on your card.

    Please read your code carefully. The following letters and numbers can look very similar:

    * The letter B and the number 8

    * The letter G and the number 6

    * The letter V and the letter U

    * The letter Q and the letter O

    * The letter Q and the number 0

    * The letter Z and the number 2

    * The letter S and the number 5

    * The letter P and the letter F


    Good luck with your music card!

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