My co-worker is an obnoxious/arrogant piece of sh*t, should I risk being suspended by...?

breaking his face or just ignor the little monkey...just venting!!

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    I know this is really hard to hear, but it really helps to be the better man (or woman). Think of it this way: your co-worker probably acts that way around others. Even if he/she sucks up to your boss, he/she is eventually going to slip up.

    Don't hurt yourself by trying to hurt him/her.

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    while breaking his face will surely feel wonderful for a few moments,,,,the assault charge will bring you months of pain when you are charged and have to go to court....and don't an attorney!!! So..what to do.

    "Killing with kindness" won't always work...and obviously the "parking lot" venture is not the answer either.

    How about this: DON"T talk about him behind his back....DON"T get involved in any conversations with him...DON"T do anything at all that will be thought of as "something nice" to this guy..just do your job...and do it WELL....and every time this guy screws up, make sure (without saying it out loud) that it will be painfully obvious that he is the one causing the problem.

    YUP...I'm saying set him up for a fall. Not the nicest thing to do on Christmas, but if the person is really that horrid of an individual, then they need a lesson to be learned.

    The truthful and best thing to do, is to vent in a place like this, and do nothing to get yourself in trouble. He's not worth it, and you are obviously a much better person. Keep the thought in mind of how much pain he must be going through by having to act like this...and not having the ability to know any better..just think of how he's going to feel later on in life, when he finally realizes how much of a jerk he's actually been. THAT is what you can do...for your own sanity.

    As a LAST resort....take this person out for a cup of coffee, and tell him that he's really not a nice person...don't swear, don't get mad, don't be a jerk yourself. Just be calm and quiet, and tell this person that he really bothers you and that he needs to smarten up at work because of how you feel. Maybe there's something that you have done that you have no clue about,,,,,or someone else has done that is really buggin him. It might change your co-workers life.....if not...then he's just an all-around idiot, and you will know that at some time in the future, he'll feel realllllly stupid..and you are the reason why.

    Merry Christmas....and good luck !!

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    I read a stat once that said almost 25% of the population is arrogant, which makes them obnoxious. Your co-worker probably has an inflated ego and that's hard to deal with. But, hey, if so many people are like that, you'll wear yourself out; you can't fight with so many; plus, you'll look like you are the aggressor.

    Ignore the dumb a*s.

  • JAD
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    1 decade ago

    It's never a good idea to be suspended in school or work. That is on your record and if you go to a new job and they do a background check, it can come up. I would suggest two things:

    1. tell your manager/supervisor your issues. They can provide ideas or help you with the situation.

    2. Kill them with kindness. That is a full time job in it of it's self but trust me it works.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Kill them with kindess, walk away and ignore them when they are rude. he just might turn over a new leaf, it's easier to fight with someone who's fighting back so don't fight. You don't have to kiss butt, just turn the other cheek, and be the better person. Some others may complain and he get booted out. Always be on the up and up, so you will be respected and your co-worker will give himself a rope long enough to hang himself.

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    Just because he is an ****** doesn't mean you have to be one. Sounds like he is doing a fine job on his own. But if this is the best question you can come up with on xmas day it is really bothering you. Maybe you should tell your boss if he/she can't keep his/her employees under control you are going to work somewhere else. Happy holidays!

  • daum
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    3 years ago

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    I work around them all the time and I think the best way to take care of this issue is to take more responsibilities and show that you are above him and a higher caliber person. Don't be mean to him. Be nice but show your knowledge or the job and he will start learning from you. He will start to act like you and be calm. Be someone that people want to emulate and he will change.

  • 1 decade ago

    I deal everyday with a co worker I loathe. If you have a really good job, just talk about them behind their back to vent and wish misery on them. If your job sux, be really hateful and mean to them.

  • 1 decade ago

    walk away he is not worth loosing your job over .besides he is probaly the type to call the cops before going one on one .most obnoxious jerks are. i bet the minute you raise your hand he will most likely curl up in fetal position and wet his pants

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