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Does anyone know about Roosevelt University?

I'd like to apply for the graduate study in Jounalism in Roosevelt University. I went to their page and found it has two campuses. One which is just a bulding is in Chicago, and the other one which has a campus is in Schaumburg.

Does anyone know if depatment Jounalism is in Chicago or Schaumburg?

Is this university good or bad?

How's it's ethnic status?


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  • lepke
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    1 decade ago
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    the "campus" in Schaumburg isn't what you think, it's just one, one story tall building, that's it, in the middle of the shopping district, and you would have to have a car to get there, Ikea is right down the street and about five times bigger

    the downtown Chicago campus is three buildings, the Auditorium building 18 floors, the Gage building 12 floors, and the Herman Crown Center 19 floors, and all the journalism internships are in downtown Chicago, downtown campus also has furnished, dormitory-style housing

    ethnic status? it's in Chicago, one of the most ethnically diverse cities you can find

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