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how do i get a job coming up with commercials?

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    Do you mean acting in commericals? I would hire an agent and they can help with their connections.

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    If you mean, you want to develop the creative for commercials. Go work for a top ad agency such as Ogilvy & Mathers or a similar firm. Alternatively, go to a top school that teaches people how to develop and produce commercials, such as Fullsail in Orlando, Florida.

    If you mean that you want to act in commercials, there are a number of websites in each top U.S. market where commercials are produced (LA, New York, Orlando, Miami). Sign up for the weekly or daily emails (blue sheets) and they'll tell you where the casting calls are and who they're seeking for what commercials (or movies or whatever).

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    Please try to be a little more specific to get a better answer.

    acting? filming? writing? directing?

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