is it possible that my 8month son likes his father more than me?

since almost 1month my 8month old son prefers to stay on his fathers arm than on mine, and when i carry him and his father's around he cries until he takes him and if his father carries him he is so happy. it really hurts me, because i do anything for him. does anyone have a good advice or an explanation? please

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    One of my sons was just like that. Even called his father Mum, and wouldn't call me anything. I just ignored it. All kids are different, don't be hurt by it. Your son will eventually get over it, and you'll be equal with his father. Mine did. Don't try to force the issue, just see it as a funny quirk of your son, and laugh with it, see some humour in it.

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    A child that age has no cognitive reasoning ability to make that kind of distinction. I cut and pasted this below, about toddlers more, but I think the same reasoning holds true for full blown babies.

    Preferring one Parent Most common from eighteen months to four years It is very common for toddlers to treat their parents differently and at times to show a preference for one or the other. The preference shifts from time to time so don’t panic if it seems your toddler loves his dad more than you or vice versa. Sometimes the preference is for the one he spends less time with (novelty value) and sometimes its for the one who does most of the day-to-day caring. Toddlers often give the hardest time to the parent they feel they can depend upon most because they are more familiar with and confident of that parent’s response when they test the limits and behave in challenging ways. Try not to take it personally and keep a united front. It passes in time. Sometimes parent preference becomes exaggerated and starts to cause major difficulties when toddlers refuse to be left with one parent, won’t go to sleep or eat for one parent and so on. Why?

    Attention seeking

    Emotional manipulation (don’t panic, experimenting with emotional manipulation is a normal way for toddlers to try to get the people they love to do what they want)

    Novelty factor (the toddler suddenly realizes that the other parent exists and has his/her own particular charms)

    One parent is responsible for all the care

    One parent is never around

    Overreaction by the parents – the toddler is being rewarded for the behaviour

    A Framework to work within

    Remain a team and try not to undermine each other. Anger and disagreement over the issue will escalate the behaviour

    Don’t take your toddlers yelling or comments to heart. Remember toddlers have a limited capacity for expressing themselves and yelling I want Daddy is the only way they know how to communicate what they want

    Arrange for the toddler to have special time with the preferred parent but also arrange for routine tasks to be share more evenly and consistently by both parents, even if there is a fuss initially

    Stay calm, especially if you are temporarily the unpopular parent. Think of ways to make your time with the toddler in the other parents absence more fun. Refrain from long stories of disaster in your toddlers hearing when your partner returns

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    It is possible that he perfers his father over his mommy. But thats ok. Its just like cake and Ice cream, you make like them both but and they go great together but you may perfer one over the other. its great that he has a close attachment to dad. I know how you feel my 6 yr old son is the same way. and he's been that way since he was a baby. There were times he would cry when im holding him he would stop for daddy. or when he got hurt he'd cry daddy instead of mommy. It does kinda make you feeled bummed, but I assure you have done nothing wrong, He loves you mom!

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    whilst i applaud the two certainly one of you for being sturdy mothers and dads on your son and attempting to have a civil relationship on your baby yet i individually think of he's playing you enormous time. I advise asserting which you would be collectively sooner or later whilst he's already in a one 12 months relationship with somebody else? this is tousled. How could you sense in case you have been the gf and you found out approximately that? you will constantly be in one yet another lives because of the fact of your son yet that would not advise you're able to be collectively. of course it did no longer artwork out with you men in the beginning up, what has replaced because then? It seems such as you're nonetheless retaining out emotions for him and he takes benefit of it.

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    Don't be hurt by it. There will be times all through his life where he goes back and forth. My 14 month old likes his dad more right now. I try to look at the bright side - Dad gets to take him off my hands whenever he is home. It's a good break for me!

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    My daughter started off not having anything to do with anyone but me. Then she went through a phase where only daddy would do. Now she wants mommy again. Things change. DONT start catering to his every win just to "win" his love. You are starting a BAD pattern!

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    He's only eight months old and he might feel a certain connection with a man. As he gets older he'll prolly warm up to you. I mean your his mother and whether you know it or not you guys share a very special bond.

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    sounds like your husband works & you stay at are really wishy washy.they`ll do this, but usally it`s mom they want when they get daughter has a special relationship, with both of us now, but i can remember,when we had to take turns . it`s pretty typical in a loving grateful to his father-don`tcause it to hurt you. typical baby

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    Its male bonding hon and perfectly normal for him to associate with Dad like that. Its not that he doesnt love you but Dad is his role model. Thats how its supposed to be.

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    well maybe you haven't been spending much time with him

    or maybe you should try being yourself by not being so emotional

    or maybe not being anther person's life or act just be yourself.

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