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David asked in Entertainment & MusicTelevision · 1 decade ago

Who all lived in the house of "Full House" when the show ended?


name all the pepole

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Danny, Joey, Jesse, Rebecca, DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, Nicky, Alex and Comet

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  • Everyone

    The original title of the show was House of Comics. It was going to be about three different comedians living together. However, executive producer and creator Jeff Franklin learned that ABC wanted a sitcom about a family, so it was changed to Full House when it was decided that the show was going to promote family themes and values. The show was based loosely on the film Three Men and a Baby, which came out right around the same time.

    Uncle Jesse was originally going to be called Uncle Adam.

    Full House was part of the TGIF lineup from the fall of 1988 to the fall of 1991, the show's second, third, and fourth seasons. It was moved to Tuesdays for season 5, and remained there until its cancellation.

    Reruns from previous seasons appeared on NBC weekday mornings in the early 1990s, running concurrently with the new first run ABC episodes.

    The show never received a proper series finale as ABC suddenly announced that it was canceling the show after the eighth season because of the increasing costs to produce the show. The new WB Network wanted to pick up the show for a ninth season, but John Stamos opposed the move which led to his announcement that the 8th Season would be his last. Eventually, the other actors announced they were ready to move on to new projects as well so the show ended after eight years on ABC.

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  • 1 decade ago

    wasn't it still everyone? joey never was going to leave, i think he was in love with danny

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