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what are the baggage allocation for Qatar airways economy class?

I need info about hand carriage and what not to take when travelling by Qatar airways.

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    Hi Jayathu s!

    Your baggage allowance is 20 kg, and when you travel on the Trans Atlantic flights your baggage allowance is 2 pieces each not exceeding 23 kg.

    Baggage Allowance Economy Class - 20 Kg

    Economy Class - 2 pieces each not exceeding 23 kg

    The dimension of each piece of baggage must not exceed 158cm (total dimension = length + height + width)

    Excess baggage will be charged at the airport. For excess baggage rates please contact your nearest Qatar Airways Office.

    Note: Any single piece of baggage weighing over 32kg must be repacked or sent as cargo.

    I hope it will help you a bit.

  • Kiley
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    Please contact them at least 24 h before, then you will pay reduced rate. I am not sure how much it is now coz my husband done it couple of years ago. You can obtain some kind of ticket for you baggage but again: it is much better to deal with in advance. The rule of 20kg applied because they do have limits for weight and volume of the luggage.

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    QATAR AIRWAYS does not fly to North America. So the weight baggage system applies.

    That's 20kg for economy class, and one carry on.

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    The standard economy baggage allowance set by IATA for international flights is 20 kilos

    Source(s): Been flying for 35 years though lately not economy
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  • 6 years ago

    Today my mom going INDIA (Ahmedabad) so in check in what is the maximum weight in two BAGGAGE

    & Hand Bag?

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