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Are you into rock music?

why?:) I myself love it cause it represents me in so many ways...what so u think bout it and what kinda songs or bands do u like?

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    Yeah absolutely - rock has so many colours and strands and energies, it's a broad pallet of emotion and it speaks to me in many tongues. From the twangy youthful optimism of original rock and roll - Elvis, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens etc - through the wild-haired, wild-hearted introspection of guitar gods like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, the more complex and intellectual compositions of bands like Thin Lizzy and Queen, through the fantastically overblown fun and kickass rage of some of the hair bands like Motley Crue and Twisted Sister - all of it has a "something" I can relate to. And on it goes - rock continually evolves to speak to new audiences - Jim Steinman writes to my pretentious little soul, especially when his stuff's belted out by Meatloaf, the Rainmakers (my favourite) are country-tinged philosophers with a jumpy beat. The Manic Street Preachers set their revolution (and by extension, mine) to the kind of tunes you wish your heart could sing, and the Chilli Peppers seem to sit down and write the kind of music you always knew should exist, but never did, music you instinctively know is right.

    As the Jack Black film School of Rock rather simplistically showed, there's something in the pantheon of rock for everyone, because rock speaks to ultimate and intrinsic things in us all - rebellion, sex, optimism, rage, self-realisation, power and celebration. It doesn't get better - or more diverse - than that.

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    Kinda strange i guess for a guy my age to listen to high energy rock. I grew up in it as i was 14 when the Beatles came out at first i didn't like (as i was into surf music lived at the beach ) but when the Rolling Stones came out i was hooked for ever. I went to Hollywood to see the Doors play for free now I'm dating myself lol but i still love it. Van Halen needs to get David Lee Roth back and do a kick a#$ tour I was at Woodstock in 69 WHAT A RUSH. My favorites right now are Foo Fighters, Greenday and Buck Cherry man i could go on with this. Remember If you don't rock you will rust. My kids think I'm cool.

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    I am. Because it's so physical and stimulating for the legs and hips. In general, I mean. Because in particular there are many bands or musicians I don't like. What I miss in rock is emotional depth and intellectual challenge -- I mean in the music, not in the lyrics. I like White Stripes, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Costello.

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    Oh hell yeah bro. It's all about Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. Zeppelin had it all, the greatest drummer of all time, the greatest guitarist of all time (Jimmy was crazy, he used a violin bow sometimes to just like slam the hell out of his guitar) and John Paul was a great bassist. Top it off with Plant's voice and you have the greatest band ever assembled. The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Journey, and Pink Floyd are a few more I like, Killers, Guns N Roses, U2..........

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    I'm eclectic, but yes, I really enjoy listening (and singing ;) rock music. My favorite bands are Queen, Pink Floyd.

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    totally. rock is not only a music genre , rock is a way of live which i love.

    metallica, deep purple, the doors, pink floyd, deftones, etc

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    classic rock

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    queens of the stone age are the best check them out

  • yes

    listening to Skid Row on my headphones now

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    yes, I am into rock music..... I played in...... 3 metal bands (gothic and death metal).....

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