Does having many web browser in one PC affect the performance ?

I only have Internet Explorer and MSN Explorer. I am planning to download Mozilla Firefox but I wander if having many browsers can affect the length of booting or it may cause incompatibilities.

Please share your experiences with having many browswers.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Rebecca, I have IE7, FireFox and Opera. I use all three of them to do different things.

    Your boot time won't be affected by having multiple browsers. The three browsers have different cookies and favorites. In some cases you can convert favorites from one system to the other.

    I prefer to use FireFox because it has some awesome addons.

  • Hi,

    Different people have different opinions about different browsers. You can manually check how much memory they consume.

    Open all your browsers and the press 'ALT + CTRL + DEL'. This would bring up the task manager. From the task manager, u can click on processes and analyze the memory usage of each browser.

    Then u will be able to say which browswer is the best.

    Hope that helps.

    Hasnain Mir Mohammed

  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    "In doing so there is an extremely serious overall performance subject which seems to be affecting the memory (guessing)!" appropriate, those classes, particularly place of work, are memory hogs. yet you have sufficient memory run them nice, assuming: a million. different historic past tactics arent utilizing alot of the memory and 2. Your no longer uncomplicated force isnt complete (choose for area for digital memory). verify the latter first, it somewhat is least puzzling. Then do ctrl alt del and look on the classes already working. it must be somewhat cluttered up and choose on cleansing. One hint that that's the subject is that boot up takes a protracted time while in comparison with while the comp replaced into new.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no. defenitly not

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