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how to build self confidence for teenagers ?

i tried many things but i want advises from teenagers like me who tried stuff to build their sel esteem and WORKED wit them...

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    You have to convince yourself that you can do what you set out to do. If you have a defeatist attitude [negative attitude], you are already defeated.

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    especially in programs that help children or other teens.

    Seeing the gratitude in an another person's face for something you've done for them may give you the boost in self-esteem you need..

    simply because: it can make you feel that you are needed, and important to someone else's life.

    2. Use your Imagination

    Close your eyes and visualize an event in the future where a happy dream of yours comes true, e.g. a personal or professional achievement that you would like.

    Visualize it in great detail, as if you are already there.

    Visualize it everyday.. Your mind might slowly start to form a plan of how to make that dream come true.

    3. Be Yourself, or, be Happy with who You Are

    If you are still wondering who you truly are, start with a simple exercise: on a paper list the things that make you happy, and opposite that, the things that make you sad.

    These can be as simple as chocolate chip cookies to as complicated as receiving a worldess and heartfelt thank you from a friend.

    This list is not about what pleases others, but about you.

    Ultimately, it is your choice. Lots of people may give you pages of advice, but in the end it is You who can decide to be confident and happy.

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    do not pressure about it too a lot. each and every now and then self belief will contain age. Teenage is complicated age. the perfect problem that would want to be done is to guarantee him now to not pressure about what others imagine of him. enable him Do what he likes to do and pursue his pastimes and hobbies. self belief will are available time truly if he starts taking section in existence. travelling to different international places is so that you'll extend self belief. locate something he's solid at and interested in and specially concentration on the POSITIVES. deliver him to the gymnasium and exercising consultation. this may help his psychological state incredibly. I ascertain that he will experience so a lot more desirable after a month or 2 interior the gymnasium. enable him try new issues and GET OUT OF HIS convenience ZONE. have relaxing with existence, do not difficulty about WHAT OTHERS would imagine.

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    Let me know when you find an answer to that question...

    First you have to find out what makes you feel less self confident and then try to accept it. It's no use pretending to be someone who you are not, it will just make you feel worse. Just remember that everybody has problems, even if some of them can hide them better than others.

    I'm really not the most appropriate person to give advice about this and maybe you should talk to your school psychologist. At least that's what I do...

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    To be honest, you are supposed to be insensible and think that you are the greatest. That is what my training stated. When I was a teen, I was told that my relatives, most of them, hated me for a stupid thing such as my looks from the day I was born. This was verified by many relatives. I was so vain that it did not bother me. I went to work the first day that it was legal for me to. Working was such an esteem builder. I worked with people and they saw me for who I am. I became friends to so many people of all ages. I guess that is why the feelings of my family did not bother me. I had found a way out.

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    take a peice of paper,make four colomns - positive things i posses, remarks, negative things i should get rid off, remarks.

    write down what are the positive sides you have and the negative sides you have ( as you think ), on remarks colomn of positive side write down how can you still improve those to make it more positive. on the negative remarks colomn write why is that you think its a negative thing, how can you make it positive.

    Just list out that you will find the truth about yourself and start working on it.

    Also try to relax when you feel your confidence leve is low, try watching some sporty movies that shall help as well.

    Cheer up good luck.

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    Be yourself. Others get insecure by the way they dress or how they look. We are humans, all of us have defect(What I mean is that we are not perfectly handsome/beautiful). Find that weak spot, learn to improve it. Always be optimistic.

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