I want my exe files to be used by others but I do not want them to be copied by others?

I want users of my computer to work with the files. i would not want them to copy those files in thier cd's, dvd,s flash drive or external hard drives

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  • Apollo
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    1 decade ago
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    don`t give them rights to burn make an administrator account and you can make them simple user accounts, and you can stop the burning rights :D

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    You have several options:

    1. Install a key-logger. Such a software actually "keeps track" of every button or mouse movements so you know what was being done to the files or whether they were copied, etc.

    2. Install a software that locks your selected files and folders. However by doing so, this doesn't give your users access to those files you want them to work with.

    3. Remove all Nero or buring or ISO-makng software from your computer. This may reduce the risk of any copying.

    4. "Protect" your exe or reduce chances of your .exe of being decompiled by tunring your exe application into "shareware" (good for only a limited time). So the chances of them being (wanting) to be copied to elsewhere is reduced.

    5. Get a hardware expert to limit copying (eg. no copying by using right-click of the mouse, for example). This isn't a foolproof way if they know the "long-cut" buttons to use for copying.

    6. This may be the best solution but requires $$$. You may want to ask a programming expert that can help in encrypting certain files that would render the whole exe useless if it's copied into another environment. Pliagirisers may find copied material useless after being copied elsewhere.

    You can find such programmers at elance.com and rentacoder.com

    Sorry - I don't have any much more info to help you prevent users of your computer from copying your files. Hope this helps?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well in that case you will have to remove all the devices that could possigly be used to copy from your computer and not allow it to be on the net or connected to another computer.

    That is not what you want because you want to use those things yourself.

    If it is in your computer then some one will be able to copy it. If they want is another question.

    If what you have is that important then you can't allow others to have access to it.

    Just ask Mrcrosoft, they have been trying for years ti figure out how to keep people from copying their OS. Here I can buy XP Pro or home for less than a ten dolar bill. They do work. Most people here do use them.

    Either let people use it and not worry about what they do or keep it away from others. No other way.

    Probably no one would actually want to go to the trouble of copying it any way.

  • 1 decade ago

    If the file can be read, it can be copied, even if you try to make it.hard for them. They could simply zip it up and email it to themselves.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the question is what?

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