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What is Christmas to your children?

To mine, it's PRESENTS DAY. Seriously, EVERYONE who knows my children think they are the best kids ever. My kids are loved wherever they go. So, what makes them so great considering the fact that I'm NOTHING? It's simple; my kids have never seen the inside of a church. Therefore, they're not paranoid worrying about some manmade entity looking over their every move ready to deliver the wrath of an unforeseen vengeance.

Back to Christmas and my kids. I thought, at one point, that it was a shame that they didn't understand what is supposed to be the true meaning of Christmas, but then it dawned on me how lucky they were not to understand it. Manmade bull$hit is all it is. They should just go ahead and rename it to Wal-Mart Day.

We wish you a merry Wal-Mart.

We wish you a merry Wal-Mart.

We wish you a merry Wal-Mart,

and a happy new year.

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    just as day off of school

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    thats bad. Try to train them well. Show them how good you are. Show them that you are more valuable than anything in this world. You can do it, Boss!

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