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I have a really boney back..but have jelly rolls. Is this normal?

I have a kinda a big stomach well when I sit it makes 2 rolls. I have tried to do crunches, run etc. But, the thing is my back is really boney. You look at my back and you can see the bones sticking out and the spine sticking out. I have stick legs and arms..just my stomach. I tire easily when I run or my back brings a sensation of spikes when I do too many crunches. Do you think there is something wrong with me? Any suggestion to be more balanced?

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    The bony back is caused by low muscle mass. Do some pushups and this will improve.

    The rolls are caused by fat. This is unrelated to your back. You can have a high fat % and still appear relatively thin if you have no muscle.

    What should you do? Begin a healthy exercise regimen. Focus on strength training. For fat loss, add walking for 30 minutes a day.

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    I'm wondering just how big those "rolls" are! You might be really critical of yourself and it's only skin, not fat. Ask a friend you know will be perfectly honest. If the rest of you is that bony, you tire easily, work out excessively, don't eat and worry all the time about your weight, there is more to be concerned about than little rolls...you could have an eating disorder (just a thought....other people reading, don't jump all over it...)

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    First you should see a doctor

    to rule out any heath issues

    then do sports that don't affect your back like swimming is a great way to keep active and not strain your back or joints, at first you will be tired but keep going your body will get used to it.

    And remember to eat healthy too.

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  • I'd bring this to a doctor, there ain't gonna be a trained proffesional on Yahoo Awnsers!

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    It may be normal for you, but I woul try different exercises. You may want to check with a Physical therapist and see if he has a therapy plan that will help you.

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    there is nothing wrong with you. people gain weight in different places because of genetics.

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