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why do you enjoy music more when your drunk?

I know this is a subjective thing but alot of people (me very much included) enjoy music alot more when their drunk.

i enjoy is in everyday life but when i'm drunk i love it so much more.

what is the reason for this. is it something to do with the slowing down of the brain???

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    I think it has to do with the fact that alcohol supresses self-constraint and social inhibitions. A person is more relaxed and also more "himself" when he's sloshed. And also more emotional ...

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    Sailing on the same boat, but i would add up not all time, its the question of whats our mood before we drink, ( not just happy or sad coz music is there for both these mood ).Slowing down of brain, yes less to think of music and its the rythm or the meaning of the song which makes us attracted towards it while drunk.

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    I have done all kinds of drugs and alcohol, but the only ones that seemed to make me appreciate music more were Ecstasy and hallucinogens. Milder things didn't make a difference, but these drugs seemed to really intensify my enjoyment of music and just about everything else.

    I enjoy music very much now that I am a sober person!

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    Alcohol definitely shuts down our intelligent brain and shuts down our conscience before it puts emotions to sleep. If you have repressed emotional pain it will blubber out all over the place when you are drunk.

    Source(s): Educational Movie: Chalk Talk
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    Because then it's me singing.

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