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Why is Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada in October instead of November?

When did the Mayflower (or why did the Mayflower, if it did, go to Canada in Oct?)

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    The question that makes more sense is why the US celebrates Thanksgiving in November and not October. Canada celebrated Thanksgiving 14 years before the US, and we set a permanent date before the US too. Part of our permanent date has to do with an earlier harvest for being farther north.

  • Anonymous
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    It has nothing to do with the Mayflower. Thanksgiving is the harvest festival. Because Canada is farther north than the United States, the harvest there takes place earlier, as does the Thanksgiving festival.

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    Thanksgiving is a harvest opposition that happens in all cultures and backgrounds. this is a acceptance given to the opposition interior the U. S.. Wiccans are the main deserving to celebrate because of the fact their faith is interior the land and nature. An athiest can thank Archer-Daniels-Midland or Del Monte or a dairy cooperative for bringing foodstuff to the human beings. The Aztecs had harvest festivals for hundreds of years, and that's interior the Asian cultures from interior the previous the time of JC. in case you pass with for to thank a deity, it is your suited to realize this. i'm an agnostic now no longer denying nor believing in any faith or any arranged group. in case you at the instant are not interior the u . s ., and thinking this is 1AM precise here PST, how are you celebrating the pilgrams and native persons first dinner occasion of their harvest? you ought to come to a determination for regardless of "optimal suited answer" you like, yet it quite is the terrific suited one.

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    Thanksgivimg is a celebration of the Harvest. In Canada, it is most appropriate to that in October.

    It is very strange thet the USA have it so late and that they have never learnt how to cook Roast Turkey and they serve the most awful tasting Pumpkin Pie!!

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    The Canadian Thanksgiving has no relation to the US Thanksgiving Day celebration, in its origin.

    It started out in April in Canada to celebrate the prince of Wales return to good health. It was later dropped, then started again.

    It has been celebrated in conjunction with Armistice Day in November, also. But the Canadian government changed it to the second Monday in October.

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    Because the world does not revolve around the USA, I suppose you thought the Americans invented Xmas too. We celebrate the harvest. I wish the US education system would teach people to think outside the box.

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