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If Hell is worst than Hitlers gas chambers then why do christains say they are not in support of genocide?

I compared the two earlier and SOME christains said they could not see the relivance but when i ask them which is worst they proudly proclaim how much more painful hell is. I stick to my original position. Christain love a supposed god who burns their fellow human beings. Again this is sick, and to boast of how painful hell is going to be for logical people is not better than nazis boasting how painful the gas chambers where for jews.

Its a sad world. And again no i don't respect your believes and again the question why do you feel people need to be burned so horrably? Have you no compassion for the suffering of others, no love? How can you hate so much?

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    Yes, how can the God as defined by most Christians, be so cruel and sadistic - taking pleasure in the eternal suffering of souls? There appears to be serious flaws with the heaven/hell scenario.

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    You are wrong, "Christan love a supposed god who burns their fellow human beings." Why God will cast humans that are not accepting the offer into a burning fire pit, so it's not the Christians fault that they accepted the offer, that was done before Christians existed. What Hitler and the world allowed is a part of the past as the killing of the Indians, the A-Boom, carpet booming of Germany, Stalling of Russia. That will continue, but hell like heaven can only exist in your mind, like do you believe God gave the Israelites Israel and the law, I don't I believe they gave it to themselves, so no use to be upset. No longer A christian

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    First, I'll state by saying that I'm not religious, anymore, so I have no bias here. This is a ridiculous comparison, however, because those who go to Hell according to the Bible are those who committed what would be considered a universally wrong sin and never repented for it. The repenting is the key, here. It was all a matter of whether or not you regret your sins. Even when I was young and religious, I never believed you went to Hell for not believing in God or not going to church. In fact, many things would show that you wouldn't go to Hell for that. It's things like murder, greed, envy that cast you out in heaven if you never repent for it. Hitler, on the other hand, gassed all Jewish people regardless of what they did. So you're comparing consciousless sinners to all Jews. Very good.

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    Obviously, whatever answer we give you, you are still going to hate Christians, which is sad. I will try and explain it best I can. To lock someone up in a cold jail is not very humane, but it needs to be done as punishment. When people live on earth they are judged by God. However they are also influenced by the devil, some people fall under the devils evil spell and commit horrible crimes. When they die, they do not go in heaven. They CAN'T go to heaven because their soul is so corrupted by sin. So, satan drags he who has done his (satans) work into hell. It is not Christians who bring them to hell, but the person and satan. I do not "gloryify" nor "rejoice" hell and the fact people go there. But if you kill babies, or if you steal and you are not sorry, you do NOT deserve to go to heaven. Just like you would probably think they DO NOT deserve to walk freely on earth but should be put in prison

    Also, while most people believe in actually fires and burning. i do not believe that is literal. I believe that hell is unpenetrable darkness, true death. A horrid thing which I niether gloryfy nor wish upon others

    If you are upset because You think I codemn all non-believers to hell, you are mistaken.I do NOT. I am not one to judge who goes there or not, but you would have to commit great crimes and be unrepentent to go there.

    I assure you, I am quite humane and I love my fellow men (best I can, I have my slip ups mind you ^_^) and I do NOT enjoy the torturing of others.

    Source(s): may you find peace in your heart ^_^
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    God doesn't choose to burn humans. Some humans choose burning rather than belief in God. (That sounds crazy but there is no other logical explanation.) God has said over and over that it is not His desire that anyone should perish.

    Most Christians don't boast of burning anybody or rejoice in anyone's torment. I don't know where you get such a concept. It's certainly not Biblical.

    Christians don't make the rules, God does. He's God and he gets to do that. Being just and loving, He warns us of dangers ahead (such as Hell) again and again.

    It's not His fault if we don't, or wont, get it.

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    I think people who commit horrible crimes against humanity should be given the death penalty. It doesn't necessarily prevent the crimes from taking place but it certainly removes the threat of repeat offenders. I do not support genocide either, but if you have been given a lifetime in which to turn from the sins you commit everyday knowingly, then I cannot hold it against God if he sentences you to hell. Hell is different from the lake of fire. It is simply the absence of God. The people who end up in hell still get one last shot at heaven at the final judgement so I think he is being more than fair to give that many chances before remanding you to the lake of fire. You are the one that choses it over God , not the other way around.

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    The fires of hell are some distance worse with the aid of actual shown fact that it lasts for all eternity. Hitler's gasoline chambers have been undesirable yet with them their replaced into an end,with the fires of hell their isn't any end. My suggestion to you is to no longer land up could shop your self from that in no way ending torture by employing accepting JESUS into your existence as your own savior.think of approximately it.

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    This is one of the many reasons that true Christians and hence true Christianity are spoken of abusively by so many. I do not mean you. You raise valid points and you ask reasonable questions. How in the world can someone worship a God whom they believe is so bloodthirsty, so cruel, so inhuman, so sick and sadistic that he could torture humans for eternity? Where is the logic in this? How can a loving God burn forever someone who sinned for a few short years of his life? Comparatively speaking, his sinning was a moment in eternity. The punishment is grossly disproportionate to the disobedience. Yet these same people would be aghast if they knew of a parent who punished his child by putting its hand in the oven for thirty seconds. Thirty seconds!

    How can people not see that this behavior is consistent with Satan the Devil and NOT with the true God? It is Satan who is sadistic beyond belief. It is this demonic spirit creature who revels in the pain and torment of others. The Bible repeatedly describes him as the god of this system of things. It clearly states that the whole world is lying in his power. Do we not see his hand in things? As bad as sinful man is, the gross wickedness we see on earth is disproportionate to what man does on his own. Satan is instigating wickedness with glee.

    I will reiterate again what many true Christians have tried to explain so many times. The God of the Bible does not torture any human being for disobedience. The Bible plainly teaches from Genesis to Revelation that the punishment for disobedience is death - not screaming pain in an agony of fire and sulfur. Death. That was the punishment Adam and Eve were warned about in the Garden of Eden. See Genesis 2:16.

    That was the punishment stressed according to Ezekiel 18:4, 20.

    The apostle Paul, under divine inspiration, reiterated the wages of sin: death. So we read at Romans 6:23.

    And finally, Revelation 20:14-15 plainly teaches that hell is thrown into the lake of fire. Some feel that the lake of fire is another place of torment. Is that reasonable? If both hell and the lake of fire are places of fiery torment, why throw hell into the lake of fire? What good would that do? Is God punishing fire with fire? Moreover, verse 13 plainly states that hell gives up those dead in it. The dead can get out of hell. To what end? Snatched out of one fiery place of torment to be thrown into another? Again, is that reasonable? Are we to believe that not only is God bloodthirsty, but also illogical? Not to mention the fact that this violently contradicts Romans 6:23. That scripture said the gift God gives is life, remember? In order for humans to be fiendishly burned forever, God would have to preserve alive all whom he consigns to this torment. Another illogical move. No, verse 15 plainly says that the lake of fire means the second death – a death from which there is no resurrection.

    You are right, belief in a God who sadistically tortures people for eternity is comparable to advocating the conduct of Hitler. But the Bible does not teach such a God. So if you have doubts about Him, let it not be based on this lying doctrine.


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    First off, going to hell is refered to as the second death. It is possible that those gone into hell simply ceast to exist. But that's just an idea.

    Anywho, those who go to hell are those who oppose God. Realize it or not we are in a spiritual war. At any point a person can switch sides.

    As far as why do i feel ppl need to be sent to hell, we are all worthy of going to hell, For all have sinned. That's why Christ died on the cross, to pay our debts. However, in order for it to count you have to recognize Christ as savior, and do good works.

    It is the wish of God for all to come to Christ, but he won't take away are free will to do it. For love cannot exist w/o freewill.

    I do love others. I don't wish them to go to hell, nor any other harm. But, they must make their own decisions and face the consequences that go w/ them.

    I'm sorry you don't respect Christianity, but perhaps one day you'll come around.

    God Bless,


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    Yes I have compassion for the suffering of others, but to reject God is as that is what you have said to keep it simple so you will understand it. How would you feel if you told your child that you had to "die in his place" for something he had done, and your child said to you, "go ahead I do not love you anyhow". You would still lay down your life for that child because you loved him, right? And would you be able to forgive those who would take your life instead of your child? NO, and neither would I probably. But I would go through with it anyhow because of THAT love I have for my child. Christ has PAID a price that no one on this earth could do, and has paid it in full by becoming sin for us so we would NOT have to die. And He has freely given it, and all we have to do is ACCEPT what He has done for us. He has done the hard part, the rest is easy.

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    The bible is a masterpiece of mixed messages.

    You have a religion that teaches 'love others as you love yourself' but 'to hate the sin,' 'sin is death' and 'all are sinners'... so that causes an inner conflict of despising and rejecting part of yourself while trying to be filled with love. The most frightening people are the ones who deny their natural feelings. They come up to you with plastic smiles, proclaiming they love everyone and hate no one, but are brimming with anger just under the surface.

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