If Christmas is Dec 25 (The birth of Jesus) in the U.S. Why is it celebrated in January, in Russia?

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    why? because every religion has their beliefs. I don't know about Russia. But-many religions think that Christ was born in the spring rather than re-born. It is just different beliefs.

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    The celebration of Christmas on December 25 is the result of an agreement the early church leaders made to the more pagan religons. The pagans celebrated the natural cycles of the Earth and held rather large celebrations at the winter solstice which happens on Dec 21. It was just a blending of rituals and time. Jesus was not born in the winter if you read the Bible and know much about Biblical times. In the Biblical account it says that shepherds were tending their flocks in the fields but that is a summer and fall activity. The flocks would have been in the yard in the winter.

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    Dec 25th is NOT the date Jesus was born! The Romans moved Christmas from Jan to Dec 25th to eliminate the pagan festival held around that time. Orthodox churches still celebrate on Jan 6th (the original date) - that is also where your 12 days of Xmas come from - the 12th day is 6th Jan! We still use some of the old pagan symbols in modern Xmas, such as holly and mistletoe.

    Source(s): basic European history
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    Goes back to when the Roman Empire was split into the two states of Eastern and Western Empires. When they split they also split their churches. That's why there is the Holy Roman Catholic Church headed up by the Pope that most know and see, and the Eastern Orthodox church that is prevalent in Eastern Europe and Russia. The holidays fall on different days and months simply due to the Churches competing for dominance and such. Most of the splintered Christian sects came from the western Holy Roman Church and that's why America and most of the West celebrate on the 25th.

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    It has nothing to do with what country you live in. It depends on your branch of Christianity. Orthodox followers celebrate both Christmas and New Years about 2 weeks after other Christians. Now on the other hand it is by country that decides what the call "Santa Claus" here is what other countries call him

    Ash Man

    (Germany) Christkindle

    (Germany) Father Christmas

    (England/N.Z.) Hoteisho

    (Japan) Kris Kringle

    (Aus./Can./U.S.) Rauklas


    Babbo Natale

    (Italy) Deda Mraz

    (Yugoslavia) Gaghant Baba

    (Armenia) Joulupukki

    (Finland) Mikulas

    (Hungary) Saint Nick



    (Italy) Diado Coleda

    (Bulgaria) Ganesha

    (India) Jultomten

    (Sweden) Papa Noel

    (Spain) Santa Claus



    (Old American) Dun Che

    Lao Ren

    (China) Gwiazdor

    (Poland) Kerstman

    (Belgium) Pelznickel

    (Germany) Sinterklas



    (Slovenia) Dyed Moroz

    (Russia) Hagios Nikolaos

    (Greece) Kolyada

    (Russia) Pere Noel

    (France/Canada) Svaty Miklas


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    the caledar used for the religious life of russia is an older one, compared to the one we are using (the Gregorian one). This is why there is always a delay between our Xmas and theirs.

    They are the ONLY orthodox country celebrating Xmas later. All the other ones in south-eastern Europe celebrate it the same day with the rest of the christian religions: 25th of December.

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    The way I see it, Americans celebrate Christmas the day Jesus was born. Some Euorpeans exchange gifts on Epiphany, the day the the three wise men went to the manger.

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    Hey!I am orthodox and I celebrate today. The problem is the Russian use another kind of calendar . All the rest of us are using the "ulian" calendar.It`t not a question of religion we all celebrate the birth of Jesus

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    Here is the entry for January 6th Holidays in wikipedia.


    To quote the text:

    "Christianity (except Eastern and Oriental Orthodox who follow the Julian Calendar) - Epiphany of the Lord (a.k.a. "Twelfth Day of Christmas" and Three Kings Day in some areas)."

    So basically, their holidays differ from the "yours" because they use a different calendar set. right?

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    December 25-Catholic Christians


    Some do both,some mix them.I don't know.That is what I know.

    Merry Christmas everyone and let the cozy atmosphere of this beautiful holiday fill you with joy!

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