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If you are selling or giving away a computer, what is the best method of erasing files to protect your privacy

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    i think this paranoia is largely overblown...i fix computers for a living and its a real quick fix...format the hard drive and pass a large magnet over it. or better still reinstall windows without saving the files...viola end of problem.

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    If you have the cds to reinstall windows, you should go to Dos and type C:\format (where C is the hard drive) this will erase everything though so be careful you have an operating system to reinstall.

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    [DBAN - Darik's Boot And Nuke ( - a bootable floppy or CD to quickly wipe your hard drive.

    cyberCide - by CyberScrub ( ) - provides solutions to wipe entire hard drives, locally or over a network

    ShredIt - by Mireth Technology ( ) - Easy to use File Shredder / Hard Drive Cleaner will erase a hard drive, shred disk free space, clean previously deleted files, wipe a file, floppy disk and more. Simple to use, versions available for Mac and Windows.

    [edit] Windows

    PGP can wipe files after encryption, and can also wipe already deleted files.

    DeepDelete ( - open-source, easy to use, but not very secure. From the makers of (claimed) anti-RIAA PeerGuardian (Phoenixlabs).

    SDelete ( - open-source, command-line only, very secure with a detailed description on what special precautions need to be taken.

    Privacy Suite and Compliance Suite ( - Local and network based solutions to securely erase specific files based on location, name, extension, or policy. Automatic, passive, transparent and auditable solutions ideal for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, FACTA and other Acts.

    Shred Agent ( - can wipe files staying in background mode user action is not needed.

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    Sell the computer but dispose off only the harddisk( you can also keep it). All the files will be in the hardisk.

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    use some firewall or something to protect ur privacy

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