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My 10 month old does not waive bye bye ,should i be concerned?

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    well, look at all the other things that your little one does. every baby is different and they do things at their own pace. my recommendation is don't ever compare your kid to others around you. if you really think there is a problem talk to your doc. but honestly i think it is fine

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    waving bye bye is a hard skill to learn even before 1.

    Think my daghter learned it aournd 13 months, that and blow kiss. Unless your leaving 50 times a day and practicing it 50 times I dayt I would not expect them to learn it THAT early.

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    I would say don't even let it worry. Babies are all different.

    Every child develops differently. I have a 10 month, 2 week old son, and he doesn't know how to wave yet either. :)

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    Mine didn't. Don't worry. Whenever you leave somewhere or someone leaves your home, work with him, wave and wave his hand a little. He'll do it soon! Babies do everything in their own time/

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  • my son is almost 11 months and he wont either, they tend to not want to on demand! But they will do it evenually usually after one year of age

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    He should copy what you do. Wave to something and see if he goes to do it too.

    Also, see if he will point. Get him to point at something.

    If you can't get him to wave or point, see a doctor.

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