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XBOX 360 melts your discs like, if you dont have a fan. Is it true?

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    I have a 360, it's not done anything like that to my discs. I do have a three year warranty on it, incase anything happens to it.

  • ewing
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    in case you basically leave it on for 3 hours once, not something undesirable might want to happen. besides the actual undeniable truth that, in case you overload it (Ex. Downloading marketplace content at the same time as taking section in or taking section in on line video games with a lot of human beings), you may finally end up with minor damage. extra overuse, like so, may bring about damage to the disk AND the Xbox. so, that's o.k. to do once in a lengthy time period, yet try now to not do it too a lot.

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    not really...but if u use it for a long time example like me...i play it for 36 hour without stop...its 'eat' my disc...!!!

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