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Why is Greenland icy, and Iceland green?

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    Greenland lies above the permanent frost line.....i.e it lies in the tundra region.

    Iceland is slightly below the tundras and has a huge Geothermal energy reserve,which due to its heat provides atleast a bit more hospitable climate.Also warm ocean currents flow around Iceland.

    I dunno why the hell such names were given!!

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    Umm, Greenland, if I remember correctly, was green at some point in the history of Earth (tens or hundreds of millions) since it was closer to the equator back then than at the present time. I'm not sure if this was the reason why it was named Greenland though. I REALLY don't know about why Iceland was named that way. :P

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    The first people on the land named it Iceland to keep out unwanted people from settling it. They named Greenland Greenland so they would go over there thinking it would be lush.

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    Greenland was named Greenland, because the settlers wanted more people to come there.

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    In preparation for their 2010 unification as the Republic of Green Ice.

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    Some one name it as can name it as you like.

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    C`est la vie.

    Thats life, kidd xD

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    Shoosh! It's a secret!

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