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how to get rid of scratches on CD's and DVD's?

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    if real deep, like cut into the plastic....then most likely trash.

    if just surface scratches from usage, etc. get a good car polish/wax and a soft towel or better a micro towel. put a dab about the size of a nickel on your finger in the towel and rub all over like you are waxing it up. applying pressure to generate some heat as this is how wax/polish products work. rub for minute or so, apply more if needed (liquid works best here over paste) let haze over and buff dry with clean towel or micro towel.

    should play. if still skips some, try the process again. key is to get a good polish. one that is like hand cream, not hard paste nor watery liquid.

    don't use toothpaste as others say as that will actually leave micro scratches in the CD.

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    Phone a computer game shop and ask if they offer CD resurfacing services. Not as many do now as they used to, but a fair few of the smaller ones still do it

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    Try toothpaste. Colgate to be specific... But I bet that's just going to clean the surface. Scratches are physical damages and cannot be repaired. sorry about your cd though. I know how it feels.

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    go to a department store and ask for a cd cleaner.

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