I want to open my own motorcyclr shop in London, but I have never started my own business before, what do I do

Hi I want to open my own business in London. I want a motorcycle shop, I gather it would be cheaper to start my own than buy, what do I need to do to start the business? Do I need a license from the council? or can I get a place to rent and just start repairing bikes and selling secondhand ones? I would also like to sell helmets and other bits of stuff as well.

Has anyone done this?

I know bikes and have a partner who is interested in doing this with me.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    first you should do

    1. market reserch even small and local.

    2. make legalization.

    3. Order cretive design of your showroom at http://www.landed.ru.

    4. make promotional and advertising compaign.

    5. relax and get profits.



    Source(s): WWW.LANDED.RU
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    first factor you ought to do is settle on approximately your budget how lots hire are you questioning you could have the skill to locate the money for. Any area in a small strip mall would be in the community of $14.00 a squarefoot..or 1400.00 for a one thousand squarefeet area. Scout the section region is each and every factor. Make a catalogue of inventory you think of you pick,examine expenditures and prepare a entire so which you would be attentive to ways lots commence-up money you will choose. call the ability business employer or consult from human beings you be attentive to that are in business employer to get an approximate value on power charges for that section,telephones additionally,make optimistic your determination of region has sufficient parking.do no longer ignore approximately counters,reflects,desks,furnishings, wish this facilitates. Oh and examine with the city and county for licenses and additionally state.

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