Which country is called Himalayan kingdom ?

The highest Mountain is Mt.Everest, Which is the second highest mountain ? Where it is lies ?

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    Nepal is the kingdom and the mountains on Dolly Parton are pretty high though.

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    Bhutan is called the Himalayan Kingdom

    The documented ghieght of Mt.Everest is 8848 metres,

    But since K2 or mount God·win Aus·ten has not been reviewed or properly examined for a long time.....there is still confusion as to which is the highest mountain peak.

    K2 is located in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir in the Karakoram Ranges, it does not belong to the himalayas.

    Current documented height(8,611 m)

    K2 has a height which has a very much comparable to Mt Everest

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    Great geo-political question...

    The Kingdom of Bhutan is often referred to as the Himalayan Kingdom... But some also refer to the Kingdom of Nepal as the Himalayan Kingdom... And yes, technically both nations are bona fide kingdoms.

    Second highest mountain is K2 (8611 meters; 28251 feet) ;

    However, Mauna Kea on the island of Hawai'i is the largest seamount in the world...

  • T J
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    1 decade ago

    Tibet and Nepal share Mt. Everest. K2 in Pakistan/China is second, and Kachenjunga in India/Nepal is third.

    You have to recognize that some of these mountains are huge, and have served as the natural borders for countries as many years. So, Tibet gets "this side" of Everest, and Nepal gets "that side".

    Oh, and to answer the part as to the "Himalayan Kingdom", I'd say Nepal nails it, but others may disagree.

    Source(s): Personally have been to Nepal, just a few miles from Everest. You can find a list of the highest peaks here... http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0001771.html
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    That is beautiful... NEPAL.. I was there twice on vacation.. It used to be the most peaceful country before the Chinese started taking it over as they presently are doing

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    I will answer the first question, not all three in one to avoid the cost of points. It is Nepal.

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    may b itkashmir

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