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what is wrong on a diesel car when the glow plug control light comes on suddenly while driving?

i've just bought my first car which is a diesel car. When driving the car, the glow plug control light sometimes suddenly comes on causing the car to slow down and stop. What does this mean?

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    Engine generally use small electric heaters called glow plugs inside the cylinder to warm the cylinders prior to starting.

    So if this light comes on, then it probably means that the cylinders in the engine are not being warmed up properly or for long enough meaning that when the car is turned on and is being driven, it will not operate at peak performance and will not be that efficient.

    Good decision to test your glow plugs. Many people jump to other

    conclusions as to why their vw diesel's aren't working. A lot of the times

    it's a problem with their glow plug system. When it gets cold, it is

    important to have good compression but more importantly, your glow plugs

    must be working to give off the heat needed for spontaneous combustion.

    Even with lousy compression a good glow plug system (not to mention a good

    battery) can start the car on multiple glow cycles.

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    I disagree somewhat. - The glow plugs are used only to help warm the cylinders prior to/during cold start up. Once the engine has been running the natural combustion process produces so much heat that continuing to heat glow plugs would be pointless (just a drop in the bucket so to speak) and they are turned off.

    I suspect that there is another culprit - probably a problem with the engine controls or perhaps fuel delivery. - one thing that I'm very curious about is how cold is it outside & is there any chance that the fuel is gelling?

    I'm sure if you revise your question with a little more info like model/make/year/engine size - and include any external/environmental factors like "it's been really cold lately" or " I notice it only happens on short trips or when it's raining" you'll find someone who has had similar experience and can help you out.

    Good Luck!

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    No, yet he will run the battery down attempting to initiate, that 5 seconds or so, is for the glow plugs to warmth the gasoline, yet once warmed up, it received't choose the glow plugs back,because the cylinders will stay warm., so in case you've been to end ,and say 0.5 hour later re initiate, it may fireplace up right away

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